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Jul 12, 2009 02:38 PM


I believe there are four stores in the area that serve Filipino food:

Cebuana (2400 E Oltorf, #12-A)
Gammad (2309 W Parmer Ln)
Mang Dedoy (8863 Anderson Mill Rd)
Oriental Grocery and Bakery (707 E Braker #105)

My favorite is Oriental Grocery, although I haven't tried Cebuana.
They have a small lunch buffet from which you can get your fill for about $7.
Look for dishes like pinakbet (bitter melon, eggplant, pumpkin stew) and mongo guisado (stewed mung beans w/shrimp) when they're available.

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  1. Mang Dedoy has a $5.50 lunch plate, which gets you rice and 2 entrees. Chicken afritada (stew) has a nice rich gravy with the delicately sweet spice of red peppers. Other choices may include pancit (rice noodles) and pinakbet (vegetable stew). The food is reheated and then served at your table. Not ideal, but an interesting change of pace at a fair price if you're in NW Austin.

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      I had one of the worst meals of my life at Mang Dedoy's.....I will venture to try it again - do you think that I should?

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        Tough call, rudeboy. I guess it depends. Do you think it was the style of food (Filipino cooking is kind of a hodgepodge of Chinese, Spanish, and American influences on native food.), the actual implementation (ingredients+cooking), or the service?

        If you decide to go, go early in the day, not dinnertime. I went late in the evening once. My guess is that whatever is that cooked food sits all day and is reheated when ordered. Some of the pancit were dried out, but the flavors were good, and the small lime wedges made it very good. The lechon (roast pig) and fried fish did not look good.

    2. Had wonderfully rich, tender lechon with crispy skin at Oriental Grocery recently.
      They also had good dinuguan, a rich pork blood stew with organ meats (pork liver, intestines,...).

      1. I've tried Cebuana. They serve lunch with a slightly different menu each day of the week.
        For example, on Thursday, you could get a plate with rice and 2 of the following for $5.50:

        fried tilapia
        pork lumpia
        pancit (egg noodles)
        chicken adobo
        mung bean soup w/chicharron & bitter melon leaves

        They usually have arroz caldo, a chicken rice soup, for about $2 a bowl.
        Daily menus are posted on their Facebook page.

        1. i forget the actual word, but i love what i beleive translates to "stuck pig"or "bled on" basically a blood sausage on rice. out of the places listed whose got the best?

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            You can often get good dinuguan (
            )at Oriental Grocery on Braker (near the Wells Fargo at I-35).