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Jul 12, 2009 01:36 PM

Park Ave. Restaurant - Stanton?

Just ran into someone who was raving about this restaurant. Have never heard anything about it and search on CH brought up nothing. Has anyone been there...and how was it?

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  1. I went on Fathers Day this year and still need to write it up. Great bar, good food, pretty good service, good prices.

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      JTea gave this link:

      It's from the discussion board about food at Angel's Stadium. I've never been to Park Ave. but elmonster's review was very informative.

    2. Great value and good food. Not a destination but I'd go there again if I were in the area. Expand your search to 5 years and you should get some hits.

      1. I agree with Sonia and DU in that I go when I am in the area and wouldn't drive out of my way for it. It's a modern chophouse with a 50's flair; solid food, excellent seasonal produce. Also its' chefs drive south from L.A. (at least 6 months ago); so the cooking is on par or above many L.A. restaurants. They regularly host wine dinners, and I've also enjoyed several "holiday" dinners they have hosted. Generally easy to get into; so no need to stress about reservations.