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Jul 12, 2009 01:23 PM

fish & chips in the mid Maine area

Our little family is having a craving! We usually make our own but would like to go out.
Anyone have thoughts on good fish and chips either just north (Bangor area) or just east (Belfast area) of us. Have heard good things about Just Barb's (is it open Sunday?) McLaughlins and the place at the boat landing in Hampden. Thanks!

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  1. Angler's, just north of Belfast in Searsport.

    Just Barb's is for sale, so not sure I can recommend right now, quality might be....faltering.

    1. Chester Pike's Galley, Sullivan (yah, yeh, a little downeast, I know) the Friday night fish fry is excellent. Barbs and Anglers too, just drove past both and they were very crowded. Jordan's Snack Barin Ellsworth, good fish, lousy chips.

      1. Good tips all. We have decided to make this a 'family project' for the rest of the summer. Downeast is not too far for us. Let it be known that last nights destination, Dana's Dockside in Hampden, is most definately not the best place to go for fish and chips. However, they do benefit from a nice view, good kid burgers, and space for said (overtired and in no shape to sit inside) kids to run around. We were also able to subtly drink our Viognier at their picnic table which certainly counts as a plus as well.

        As we were driving there we noticed that an Anglers has opened up right there on Rte 202 in Hampden. I am assuming it is the same as the ones previously mentioned. Likely to be our next stop!