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Jul 12, 2009 12:35 PM

Recommendations for authentic Chinese/Japanese/Korean restaurants near Summit

We moved to Summit in Feb and we are still looking around for our go-to Asian cuisine restaurants. Short of driving to Flushing or the like, are there any better than decent quality Chinese/Japanese/Korean restaurants within a 15-20 min drive of Summit? Where do you go for dim sum on the weekends in NJ, simple noodle soups, or for mouth watering gal-bi, etc...
Taste of Asia II was probably the only Asian restaurant we've found since Feb that was good for the Indonesian/Malaysian fare though I thought it was a bit pricey. We have found a couple places in Summit that are pretty good, but they are all American or Italian fare.

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  1. Penang on Rte. 10 in East Hanover is pan-Asian like Taste of Asia. We generally order Chinese dishes which they prepare very well. Try the Wonton soup, Beef or Seafood Chow Fun, Chili Chicken, Szechuan (Ma Po) Tofu and Penang Tofu. I don't think their seafood dishes are quite as proficient. Price - very affordable.

    It's a bit of a drive but try Noodle Chu on Rte. 46 in Parsippany for dim sum, served only on Sat and Sun for lunch. Large selecttion from the carts. Try a dish of pork with pan-fried noodles to supplement the dim sum.

    Mr Chu, also on Rte. 10 Eats Hanover, is very good with an Americanized menu and a Chinese menu (which you may have to request).

    All three restaurants are reasonably priced. Good Luck!

    1. Here are a few ideas not far from Summit:

      Viet Ai for Pho in Florham Park . China Chalet, also in Florham Park (stick to the Szechwan dishes on the menu). Daimatsu at 860 Mountain Ave. in Mountainside (off Rt. 22 on the way to Westfield) - one of the better sushi places around. Never found much I wanted to eat in Summit itself.

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        I used to go to Bill and Harrys on rt 10 E. Hanover. Long time ago and resturants change but I see they opened another one in livingston so they must be doing ok.

      2. I live in Springfield and my go to place is the Szechuan Village in Springfield 244 Mountain avenue for real good Chinese food. I go at least once a week, sometimes twice and I am Chinese. The other place to try is Malaysian in Springfield center called Open the Sesame. The name is corney but the food is pretty good.

        1. As far as dim sum I heard in Fanwood is a good place but I haven't tried it yet.