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Jul 12, 2009 11:18 AM

where is richmond hill chaat?

i couldn't find the thread but it was recent and someone said something about a "richmond hill chaat specialist" but I can't find the reference. anyone know? been on a kick lately (36th street midtown newstand, curry & curry, eagle theater nepali paan chaat, rajhbog, delhi palace) and looking for more. haven't hit maharaja yet and I'd be keen to find a good chaat in richmond hill (so I can do a roti run at the same time; anils or singhs?). thanks to all suggs!

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  1. Sorry don't know about the one in Richmon hill. However, my In-laws (they own a shop on 74 st.) told me about this new chat counter in Jackson Heights. It's right on Broadway around 73/72nd st in that 2-floor Pakistani restaurant (sorry can't remember the name). It's a little further tdown the block from the Asian supermarket with the parking lot that's opposite the Astoria federal bank. The counter is on the ground level of the 2 story restaurant... you'll see the banner hanging with the woman's name on it. I'll try to get the name tonight on my way home. I usually go to Sandy's roti shop because I like the Mango curry with my doubles. I heard from my west indian friend that Trini Dlite is really good.

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      it is inside the placed called Kahari and Grill? Where they have a little bookstore on the first floor? Perhaps it replaced that bookstore.

      Or is it the place across the street? good to know regardless, and thanks for the recon about the richmond hill joints.

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        Sorry for the delay...Yes, it's inside the Karahi & Grill place. couldn't remember the name of that place, it keeps changing. I haven't seen a bookstore, but it's right at the corner of 72nd and broadway. And the chat place is called Rupa's Chat Corner. Her Banner is hanging in front. I heard it's really good.

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          see my review below . . . I'm really hoping to have the "real" thing when I go next time!

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        I checked out the joint; it is indeed inside Karahi and Grill (across from Dera) and the it is not the bookstore/newsstand adjacent, it is right inside the restaurant near the entrance and called Rupa Chaat Corner. Rupa apparently runs the joint but when I went, everything at the chaat bar was all set up but no one in sight. this was around 7pm on a weekday night. I stood for a little bit and one of the servers said she was around and might have gone shopping! I was about to leave when another server said, screw it, I'll make it. Uh, sure, why not!

        she said she never made it before but she's seen it done, and good thing I've had some experience with it so I basically told her what to add, and how much. she also gave me a spoon that I kept tasting the contents of the metal mixing bowl with so that was good. basically, I had a pakora chaat with the potato, the red onion, chickpea, tomato, the red chili paste, the green sauce, the tamarind water, some yogurt, bhelpuri, crumbled up pakora, the masala powder and the white colored powder. she had to keep going back into the kitchen to get some ingredients and I had to tell her to maybe check and look for other components of the chaat but in the end, we found everything. She overloaded the container so for $5.99 (price of all chaat, eat-in or take-out) I got an insane amount of chaat, well enough to eat 3 meals (purchasing supplemental crunchy stuff; one later meal was with cubed cukes).

        was it done well? not really. did it taste good? it was awesome! but I think when Rupa the actual chaatwallah comes, it will be way more efficient and expert. but I really enjoyed tasting and "making" my own; which I believe is how it's really done in india; customized to each customer's taste.

        still worth a try tho; my advice would be to call ahead and confirm that she'll be around.

        Rupa Chaat Corner
        72-08 Broadway, Queens, NY 11372