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Box of peaches

I just got a box of juicy peaches and need some suggestions. I have and will do the following (the usual suspects):
peach smoothie
peach cobbler
peach bellini

Any other suggestions? I am not too keen on making jams... If you have recipes, I would appreciate them too!


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  1. peach ice cream
    peach chutney
    freeze some for smoothies later on (just peel, slice & treat w/citric acid)
    peach pie...yum

    1. Peach melba.

      Peach sorbet.

      Add to a yogurt and granola parfait.

      Add peaches to a fruit salsa (just made one last night with peaches, cucumber, red bell pepper, cilantro, basil, parsley, lemon juice, s&p.) Or cook peaches with chicken- this looks like a good recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/el...

      Halve the peaches and roast them or grill them. To guild the lily, mix and little brown sugar and vanilla into plain yogurt, sour cream or ricotta and dollop into the center.

      Also, you may not be interested in the processing aspect, but I've been hearing a lot about pickled peaches- have never tried a recipe, so don't have one to suggest, unfortunately.

      Enjoy your peaches!

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        Peach salsa..how could I overlook that. It is fabulous. And grilling them, wonderful.

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          The chicken recipe you mentioned was delicious. I added some scallions and served it over brown rice.

        2. If you can find some really good tomatoes, slice 'em with an equal number of peach slices. Add a few slices of red onion per peach. Make a vinaigrette with raspberry vinegar, tarragon, and olive oil and you've got yourself a salad.

          When I was little my parents had a friend with a peach tree. When the peaches were ripe, we'd get about a bushel of them. Mom and dad would start blanching/pitting them, and putting the peaches in sugar syrup. The product would then go in the freezer and we had a delightful topping for biscuits/shortcake/ice cream all winter!

          1. I have a peach tree and an annual glut. I don't like to add sugar to my peaches so I do what was suggested above, slice them, soak in citric acid solution, freeze and use for smoothies or desserts later.

            Things I do with the fresh peaches
            peaches in yogurt with granola
            sliced peaches into salads
            They are good grilled
            peaches soaked in alcohol for dessert (wine or other liquors on hand) and over ice cream.

            1. i recall fondly the designation "lug" for a small crate of peaches. my mom and aunts would start to buzz on the phone when stores offered peaches by the lug. i liked it too. lugs meant cobbler or fresh peaches and ice cream--and a new wooden box to put a boy's treasures in.

              1. Use them in place of tomatoes in a caprese salad. Slice them thickly and layer with mozzarella, basil, drizzle with olive oil, salt & pepper.

                1. I made peach pancakes this weekend. They were probably the best pancakes I've ever eaten.

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                    silvergirl, do you have a recipe you might share?

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                      Just regular old pancakes with diced peaches thrown on while they're cooking, served with butter and real maple syrup. I didn't even add any cinnamon, although now that I think about it, that might have been good too, or maybe cinnamon butter. And maybe add some pecans. Ooh, I have some candied pecans. And ham. I think next time, it needs a big fat hamsteak. Urgh, why have I already eaten lunch?!?

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                        OR slice some peaches. Add a little flour and some sugar. Cook in a small saucepan until about as thick as for peach cobbler. Serve over pancakes.

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                          "Just regular old pancakes with diced peaches..."

                          Thanks for the idea. That was my breakfast for the past 2 days. I peeled & diced the ripened peaches up pretty fine and just mixed them into the batter. Turned out just great.

                    2. Peach dump cake. Bake, cool then freeze. Thaw out in winter for a taste of summertime.

                      1. I know you don't want to do jams, but how about canning in general? I did a ton of jars of peeled, sliced peaches last summer and they were amazing in the middle of winter. Also a great christmas gift, the color was beautiful.!

                        1. peach-onion salsa.
                          peach in vanilla custard ice cream.
                          peach tart.

                          1. halves, baked with crumbled amaretti cookies in the pit-hole. Served with a sabayon-type sauce, or eve just plain. It's an Italian recipe, our version was from Giuliani Bugiali, but there are sure to be others.

                            1. this gourmet magazine recipe from the july issue looks like it would adapt well to peaches:


                              1. last weekend I had some homemade vanilla ice cream in the freezer, and the first peaches were in the market, so I sliced a few quickly and macerated them for about an hour in brown sugar and cinnamon. They quickly made their own "syrup," and provided a delicious sundae topping.

                                1. i'd def. try a sorbet recipe i saw today on martha stewart's "everyday food' show using fresh pears and red wine. http://www.pbs.org/everydayfood/recip...

                                  i was thinking how good it would be with fresh peaches and riesiing.

                                  1. peach bbq sauce (from EatingWell.com)
                                    grilled peaches
                                    crostata with peaches etc: http://areyouhungryyet.blogspot.com/2...
                                    peach-sour cream coffeecake muffins
                                    peach-raspberry shortcake

                                    1. My favorite thing to do with the abundance of peaches or plums that I get from my csa is to make a pate brisee crust, roll into a circle about 10 or 12 inches or so in diameter, pile on cut and sugared fruit, and fold the edges in to make a galette (picture below). I then freeze them for whenever we want an easy dessert. The nice thing about a galette is that you can make the size to fit the amount of fruit you've got.

                                      1. The only problem with a box of peaches is that you have to act pretty quickly, or you'll lose them. I was given a bag of peaches and we just couldn't eat them fast enough, so.....

                                        I made jam and I was able to get 2 pints of beautiful big chunky peach and Grand Marnier jam. Only there wasn't a whole lot of pectin in the peaches, and it has a really nice texture. Not full of pectin and not too overly sweet.

                                        This will work as a center spread for a yellow cake or muffins. I have a Southern cake recipe for a jam cake, that looks really good. Or it can be used with a gorgeous meringue dessert. I didn't use a whole lot of sugar, which is probably another reason the consistency is so nice. Perfect for baked french toast, as the stuffing. Or peach creme brulee. I've made creme brulees like this before, with a berry sauce. I put the fruit spread on the bottom of the little pots, and then add the egg custard, bake in a bain marie and then top with the sugar and brulee. So delicious and pretty. Just the right amount of dessert.

                                        I think it would work well in a peach bbq sauce, or used in a dipping sauce for summer or Imperial rolls, and I was also thinking about how I can work it into my scone recipe.

                                        A couple of years ago, I created a really nice scone recipe, and I'm thinking that I'll incorporate this jam into the scones with some cream cheese somehow. Also might include some chopped pecans.

                                        So although you don't want or like jams, perhaps you can work with it as I have with this fruit spread. Use it when you're ready. It's very simple to make, just parboil the peaches, I let them cool in the liquid, and then removed them to a strainer. The skins slipped right off. Where the little "butt line" is, they opened easily and I removed the stone. I then added a little lemon to keep them bright. And I cut them in half, cooked them with less sugar then the recipe called for. Added less liquid ( I used the water from the bath) and then a little Grand Marnier (perhaps 2 T?) Then let it cook. I mashed them witih a potato masher first, then used the stick so there would be ample sized chunks. Let it cook until it thickened. When it was cool enough to handle, I ladled the peaches into sterlized jars with seals, and rims. Put the jars in a water bath and simmered a low boil, for about 20 mins. It will keep for months now. And it's delcious.

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                                          ""big chunky peach and Grand Marnier jam""

                                          chef c, that sound fantabulous! now please pass me some, along with the vanilla ice cream and a silver dessert spoon. ;-).

                                          i once was gifted a texas 1015 sweet onion and peach salsa, and it was so delicious. i can't recall the brand;....my niece bought it in mcdonough, georgia at a little gift shop.

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                                            What is a 1015 sweet onion like? Is that like a Vidalia or Hawaiian sweet onion or so far beyond that my question is absurd? I love it when people give me gifts of food. I'm telling you I'm not wasting much of anything these days..

                                            Yep I'm pretty happy with this little bit of jam/preserves I made, it ain't gonna last too long...I love your suggestion, I was thinking hmmm, she's right as usual, I have lots of milk, cream.. and my ice cream maker looks lonely. I love the vanilla ice cream recipe that came with it too...

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                                              it's a sweet onion like a vidalia. i don't know how it got the name, but i'm sure i'd find out if i googled it.
                                              <edit> SEE! it got the 1015 name because the onion's recommended planting date is october 15. cool, huh? ;-). http://plantanswers.tamu.edu/recipes/... (more info re texas onions).

                                              i sure wish i knew the brand of that salsa -- none i've found has been nearly as tasty!

                                              but look, chef c, this Margarita Texas Sweet Onion Salsa looks tasty: http://plantanswers.tamu.edu/recipes/...

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                                                oh that does! And you can use frozen peaches. I love peaches, don't care if they're frozen or not they do for this. Fresh always the best, but nice to know you can make this year round. I love the idea of a spicy peach salsa. thanks!

                                                Oh really how cool about the onions! I have taken over a little area under my dining room window as my little garden, I used tp plant annuals And right now it makes more sense to have veggies. I have tomatoes, corn, potatoes (which took off!), eggplant, mint and basil. Heck yeah, I'd plant onions!

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                                            I hate that I can't attach a photo... so I have to use my flickr account. sorry
                                            Here's a peek at the peach jam, or spread or preserves. It has such great fresh peachy flavor too.


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                                              great, appetizing pic. i want to dive in! love the composition -- dynamic, accessible.

                                          3. was trying to attach a photo... then went back and was able to edit another try..sorry for duplications