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Jul 12, 2009 08:39 AM

Yes, superlative (Philly)

This is just to echo the raves from HungryintheBurbs, Beulah, and others about Bibou.

We were there last night with friends and yes, it was outstanding.

I won't bother to describe the food - it's been done beautifully by others - but this lovely BYOB has jumped to the top of our list. And I went to sleep dreaming about the fabulous foie gras. Wow!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed it. I can't wait to get back. If only babysitting was adds so much to the cost of dinner. :-(

    1. I would love to hear more about the food , if you don't mind, lol. I love reading about food and I have reservations there in a couple of weeks.


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        WE ate there last night again, this time with my daughter, her husband and our granddaughter. We had the foie gras, a delicious ragout of chantarelle mushrooms and smoked salmon with marinated avocado salad for appetizers. For entrees we had scallopw with couscous, hangar steak and halibut. All fabulously delicious. Dessert was clafoutis of cherries, peach pie and Mimi's chocolate cake. It was the first time my granddaughter (almost 16) had eaten foie gras and she loved it, as well as the steak and the chocolate cake. Another marvelous meal.

        1. re: Beulah

          Beulah, maybe that was your group on the other side of the room!

          I had the foie gras appetizer and Betsy, if you like foie gras, don't miss this. It was the best I ever had. My husband had the marrow appetizer and I tasted it; marvelous. Our friends had the special mushroom appetizers, which looked great and which they enjoyed.

          Three of us had the scallops as a main. I've never had a better scallop preparation. You can read the menu on the website at biboubyob and get the details. Our friend who ordered the steak said it was tender, delicious, and cooked just as she ordered it.

          Two of us had the peach tarte for dessert. While it was good, I didn't think it was exceptional. I was sorry I didn't try the cherry clafoutis. Our friend who had the chocolate cake was very happy. My husband had the cheese plate. It had three selections, all wonderful.

          I can't wait to go back!

          1. re: Beulah

            hmm, everything sounds just delish - I've had clafoutis once in my life and I still dream about it. I wish I was going with someone else so I can try different desserts. How can I be expected to choose between peach pie, clafoutis and chocolate cake? I may have to get the chocolate cake to go, lol.

            Sylviag, I can't eat fois gras - the idea of it just turns me off, but this isn't the first time I've read such glowing things about their preparation. I don't usually get steak in non-steakhouse restaurants.....unless they are bistros, because the hangar steak is a classic.

            Charlotte, who was probably the woman who took my reservation, was the sweetest, most charming person. - just delightful. I can't wait, lol.......and off I go to the website!