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Jul 12, 2009 08:23 AM

Pepe's Manchester CT

Well, I finally ate at Pepe's in Manchester which is an extention of the famous one in New Haven (haven't eaten there). Now I'm a big fan of Wooster Street Pizza down the road and always changed my mind about going to Pepe's at the last second cause of my love for Wooster which I felt was the best pizza in Northern CT.

Here's my report... Pepe's Pizza is bare bones when you walk in. There's no appetizers and nothing else but pizza which made it rough cause my daughter wanted pasta (she's a toddler so don't blame her poor taste). We half regreted our decision upon sitting down due to this "only pizza" menu when at Wooster Street we could have gotten a hundred different things. Knowing our kid wasn't going to eat with us almost made us walk out but we stayed... and we're glad we did. The pizza lived up to the hype and in my opinion, edged out Wooster Pizza. We got a small cheese and a large pizza with a lot of toppings (chicken & bacon to name a few). The cheese was on the money! Although surprisingly I never heard of having to order cheese before. You could get a tomato pie which is good for people with allergies I guess. Anyway, the cheese pizza was gooooood. On the pizza with toppings, the chicken was absolutely perfect. I never had better chicken on a pizza and rarely order chicken because of that. However, if I could order again I would have gotten it without the bacon. It was under cooked and for me, didn't add anything to the pizza. It probably made it too busy along with the pepperoni, chicken and vegetable.

I went to Pepe's due to pressure from reading about it on the board and I'm not easily impressed, but I have to say it was outstanding pizza and worth it.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed! We love the white clam (no mozzarella), sausage and mozzarella, tomato pie with and without mozzarella (the latter with grated cheese) and probably a dozen or so other ways. The only thing we avoid is piling on too many toppings, especially vegetables, (generally maxing out toppings at one or two) so as not to water down the signature crust. I tend to pass on the bacon option, also.

    1. Any idea what kind of oven fuel they use?

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      1. the bacon goes really well on the white claim pie definitely no mozz!

        1. The only comment about the post is that it should have said Pepe's Napolitana Not Just Pepe's. there is a restaurant in Manchester Ct. that has the name Pepe's. on Middle tpke. and I'm not sure that they like being lumped with the pizza Pepe's , which buy the way is what they sell. including other meals unlike the one mentioned in the article. Earle

          1. Any variations on pizza quality from the various Pepe's locations?

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              If you mean from the Pepe Napolitana's locations I cant say, I have had pizza from the one on West Middle Tpke. and have enjoyed it. I have had lunch there also from grinders and pasta dishes and found them to be good. As to a difference between the the places I have never had a pizza from the new Pepe's Napolitana so I cant comment on any differences. Hope this clears up the post..

              1. re: Earle

                Was asking about Frank Pepe's pizza sorry, didn't realize there were two different Pepe's. With the several Frank Pepe's locations, are they all about the same?

                1. re: Rick

                  I have tried all of the Frank Pepe's locations except the one at Mohegan Sun. I did not detect any variation in pizza quality. From location to location they were uniformly excellent. The crust I got recently from the Manchester location was a funky shape but otherwise made a very tasty meal.

                  1. re: Rick

                    We've only been to New Haven, The Spot (next door to the larger facility in New Haven) and Manchester, all have been terrific.

                    1. re: howaboutthat

                      Do they all have the very long lines I've been reading about? I'm a first timer but would be just as happy going to the non-original location if there isn't such a wait.

                      1. re: Rick

                        When I tried the Manchester location, there were perhaps two tables seated, and one person waiting to pick up a to go order. I had called my order in. No line at all, I believe it was a Tuesday night around 7:30. The cashier was more interested in sweeping an already clean floor than she was in ringing me up. Took about 5 minutes to get my order which was just sitting there, already done.

                        The pizza wasn't very good. Nothing compared to Harry's - either version, West Hartford center or Bishop's Corner.

                        1. re: Rick

                          There can be lines at typically busy times (which would most likely not include Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m.!). Still manageable, however, and we happen to prefer it to Harry's, so there are good choices available for us all. I think ratbuddy ran into some bad timing, as I would expect Harry's to be busier and more on their game at that hour (owing to W.H location and the like) than a place located where Pepe's is in Manchester.

                          1. re: howaboutthat

                            The PIZZA is a very close call, probably owing to the fact that the original Harry once worked for Pepe's in New Haven and used pretty much the same recipes. Pepe's clam pie rules, while Harry's has a few winners of their own. On the whole, however, Harry's Bishop's Corner is far superior in ambience and service, also offering some excellent beverage deals (how about those $10 bottles of wine!) Pepe's is more of a traditional pizza "joint" - fine for most days.