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Jul 12, 2009 07:48 AM


Four of us had dinner at Baru last night. This was my third visit. We shared six or seven tapas and two entress. Everything tasted good, especially the dishes involving steak, and the corn, cheese and crispy potato tapa. The ceviches we had were both a little weak, one note and a bit bland. Portions are small ($12 for two large, but not huge, shrimp, for example). But overall, it was good. I was pleased with the food.

However, I will probably not go back (unless brother in law is paying, as discussed in a previous thread). Baru is BYOB, with an $8 per bottle corkage. First of all, I'm going to channel my inner Bill Hunt and comment that the glasses were of the cheap, thick generic red/white variety. Mine had lipstick residue, which I wiped off, no big deal, but if you're going to charge $8/bottle, it seems that the glasses should be clean. Second, the waitress broke the cork of our first bottle, but one of the service industry pros at my table was able to recover it. The waitress opened the other two without trouble, but she did struggle with a cork at the neighboring table, and my friend again was able to save it when the waitress asked for help. Third, we were not offered new glasses with each bottle.

When the bill came, it showed that we were charged the full $8 per bottle, for what amounted to horrible bottle service with no replacement glasses. This charge, in addition to the teensy portions (of course tapas are supposed to be small, but the sizes are not commensurate with the prices; everything should be about $2 cheaper), displays to me a lack in generosity of spirit on the part of Baru's management. At Baru, you get less that what you pay for.

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  1. I much preferred the Kenner Baru to the one on Magazine. Sadly the Kenner location closed, as it was stellar.
    Next time, go to Cafe Granada at 1506 S. Carrollton Ave. 865-1612.
    could find nothing wrong w/ any of the apps or entrees. great sangria and margaritas.

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    1. re: edible complex

      Last night a friend and I tried to eat at Baru, but it was closed. Another friend of mine has been trying to go but says every time she has tried (not just on Mondays) they are closed! weird hours.

      So we went to Cafe Granada last night and it was great. Most affordable tapas restaurant I have been to. In addition to that, I completely echo what edible said, everything we had was great. I especially loved the lamb and the mussels!

      I will definitely be back.

    2. I think that if a place is BYOB they shouldn't charge a corkage at all-you don't have a choice you have to bring your own.- I also agree if you are going to charge a corkage the servers need to be knowledgeable in bottle service

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        I'd have no problem with paying a few dollars to cover breakage and the extra hassle of setting up a wine cooler, but $8/bottle for no clean glasses and no cooler is excessive. I hate to leave a restaurant feeling nickel and dimed.