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Jul 12, 2009 07:05 AM

Toledo tapas or restaurant

Very few hints about Toledo on the boards. Has no one eaten anyplace good? Will be there for 2 nights in September ( tues-Wed) and have eaten already at the rather expensive Hostal Cardenal--which was just fine if not thrilling. Any other ideas????

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  1. Hey there! Toledo is magnificent and certainly worth a visit. Some recs...

    La Abadia is conveniently located to downtown and has really excellent food. High end but not pricy tapas upstairs, and great new Spanish food downstairs. Don't miss the seafood - I had a killer hake dish. The sampler of salad is delicious, as is the huge and gorgeous tabla of iberico ham and selected cheeses. The dining room and ambiance are also excellent.

    Another good tapas choice is Alfileritos 24 on Calle Alfileritos (go figure). Nice tapas menu in a downstairs bodega enviroment - good gambas with garlic, good croquettas, and excellent tuna belly with pistou. The upstairs menu is contemporary and looked very interesting, though we didn't sample it.

    For fine dining, Adolfo gets a lot of love. Check out this article:
    Ludena is supposed to have the best carcamusas in town but was unfortunately closed when we there (two weeks ago). Check it out in our stead!

    Carcamusas are a delicious pork stew common in Toledo...unmissable. Can be found most places. A tapas crawl in Toledo's downtown is a fun and advisable way to spend an evening.

    Have fun!