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Jul 12, 2009 07:02 AM

Best birthday cake?

I need to order an 80th birthday cake - and just found out the carriage house bakery in Frederick is closing. Any suggestions where I can get a really good cake for about 30 people. I want it to look nice, but more important to me is that it tastes good. I live outside of Leesburg, so I would prefer something NOT all the way in DC. Thanks!

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  1. Does the person like chocolate? If so, I know you said your preference was not in DC but this is worth the drive. In Georgetown at Furins Bakery they have a chocolate cake to die for. The one I always have is the Chocolate Fudge cake. I have had it many times to celebrate my birthday. They a wide variety of cakes. . I am a chocolaholic.

    Furins-2805 M St NW
    Washington, DC 20007-3712
    (202) 965-1000,

    1. Victoria's Cakery in the heart of the city of Fairfax is known for great-tasting cakes with a more homey than haute decor look.

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        Thanks, I'll check it out. Sounds appropriate for my grandma's 80th!

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          Patisserie Poupon in Georgetown is amazing -

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            I'll second Patisserie Poupon - I had the best wedding cake of all time and it came from there - 12 years ago!

      2. For my grandmother's 90th birthday party we ordered a cake from BakeshopDC and it was the hit of the party. They are now my go-to birthday cake bakery. Nothing fancy, but pretty and very tastey. Reasonably priced as well. You can pick up their cakes in Arlington and I believe they will also deliver.

        1. Alexandria pastry shop near old town---fantastic.

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            Randolph's in Arlington has nice Cakes.