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Jul 12, 2009 05:25 AM

North Carolina BBQ- Tray or Sandwich?

How do you like to eat your barbeque? I live in eastern NC, and I almost always get a sandwich rather than a tray. I like the mix of flavors; the coolness/sweetness of the slaw, and the smoky/spicy flavor of the bbq. You don't really get that with a tray. In some cases, the sandwich makes the 'cue- Pete Jones' sandwich is one of my absolute favorites, but I don't care for the tray at all.

If I'm farther west and eating Lexington style, I do tend to get trays more, because the Lexington style slaw doesn't create the same type of flavor mix that you get with a sandwich down east. I like the Lexington slaw, I just think it creates a less exciting sandwich.

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  1. A BBQ Sandwich with Slaw and Fries is always a good call.

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      Jellybear, I was reading an older post from you in Dec. 08 about Topsail restaurants not using local seafood. I will be coming there July 25-28. Could you please suggest seafood restaurants that use local seafood? I have not been to Topsail in 15+ years. I remember frequenting the Breezeway restaurant. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    2. I usually get a tray or a plate, and get a forkful of slaw and 'q together on each bite. That way, I get the coolness of the slaw and the smokiness of the meat togeher without the bread interfering. I do love the the combination of the 'q and the slaw together!

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        this is my credited way of doing things. At Allen&Son, I do the combo. since it comes with brunswick stew in addition to 'q and slaw. 'q and slaw together in one bite, then a spoonful of brunswick stew, then a bite of hushpuppy. rinse, repeat, rejoice.

      2. I get the tray if it comes with hushpuppies!

        1. I always get a tray unless there arent any plates available

          1. Eating in...tray or plate

            On the go...sandwich