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Jul 12, 2009 04:14 AM

Gigikes & Mermikas in Athens

I read about Gigikes & Mermikas in Athens on Chowhound but cannot seem to locate it. Does anyone have more information about the resaurant? I remember that it sounded very interesting and was set in a market.

Also, i have tried pretty hard to make a reservation at 48 The Restaurant but cannot get through. The internet link does not work either. Does anyone know if the restaurant in still open, as good as all of the old reviews suggest and how to reach the restaurant in Athens?

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  1. 48 has been closed for almost 2 years. I found that out on the Tripadvisor Athens forum.

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      TZITZIKAS KAI MERMIGAS, 26 Aischylou, Athens. There are several locations and if you spell it like that, you will find their website.