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Jul 12, 2009 12:57 AM

birthday lunch nr saatchi gallery, sloane sq [London]

i need to find a nice place to take a friend to for a birthday lunch before exploring the saatchi gallery, which is at the sloane square end of kings road.

any ideas about nice place, perhaps with a lunch deal, that is pescatarian-friendly?

bibendum has a nice-looking menu which is 3 courses for £30 and bluebird is doing something for £18.50. zafferano, theo randall and foliage seem to be decent options too but i've not eaten at any of these so am unsure.

any and all advice welcome, i don't know this patch of town at all.


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  1. Roussilon is very good, and nearby. they have a great lunch offer too.

    1. just up the road is the capital, which i think is a better option than the ones you've listed.

      1. The Poissonnerie in Sloane Ave. always used to be good, but I haven't been for over a year. Only a couple of minutes away by taxi, but staying under £30 each might be a challenge.

        Zafferano is of the highest quality, but the value trade would be Motcombs 50m away. Half the price and plenty of nice fish choices (seafood linguine is great). Also pavement tables on a nice day.

        Totally agree with bat about Roussillon.

        1. i've booked the capital and will report back. thanks for the help.

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            we ate at the capital and the food was excellent - a lobster ravioli in wqtercress amuse, i started with excellent scallops with tapendade, basil and tomato flavours served around the edges followed by tandoori salmon on a lovely yoghurt rice (foamed and served cold with mustard seed flavours) with mango chutney. my friend had pea ravioli with asparagus fricasee (it should have come with a poached egg as well but she didn't want that) followed by a lovely nicoise salad with red snapper (this also included some sort of ravioli so she was a bit pasta-parcelled out!).

            the petit fours with coffee were a bit hit and miss and one of the chocolates was past its best (a pistachio that tasted more like goats cheese).

            the service was a bit slow given we were one of only two tables (such a pity but thankfully the room is small so it didn't feel too awful).

            i'd happily go back esp given the value - 2 courses for £27.50.