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Jul 11, 2009 09:05 PM

Unpasteurized milk in Ulster County, Marbletown/Kingston area

I just found a brand new cow farm that sells legally (and boy, listen to the story how difficult it was to get the licence) unpasteurized fresh milk. The "farmer" will show you proudly his cows which spend most of their outside.

They sell their milk every day of the week from 4PM to 7PM. Bring your own GLASS bottle (they sell glass bottles for 2$ each). Milk is 2$ per half gallon.

F + C Brooks and Sons tel. 845 687-4074
on 285 Togore Road, off Rt.209 (about 10 miles of NY Thruway 87 exit 19) and about 2 Miles from the Marbletown Recreation Center on Togore Road.

The "farmer" told me they will soon sell vegies as well.

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  1. Why would anyone drink unpasteurized milk???

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      Quite common in Europe. Many cheeses cannot be made properly with pasteurized milk. Although not crazy about the unpasteurized stuff, I think that people should have an option. It's actually illegal to sell unpasteurized milk in some states. On Saturday's there is a farmers market in Greenwich and one of the vendors sells the stuff. Last I remember he was asking $6 for a half gallon.