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Jul 11, 2009 08:47 PM

Fresh made mozzarella in SEA?

Any thoughts? Not that pre-packaged stuff in the deli case at the grocery. I'm seeking daily handmade mozzarella, the archetype being the goods produced in the Italian delis in the tristate area, where they sometimes call it "mutz". Much obliged.

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  1. DeLaurenti makes their own, would be surprised if it were daily but it's about right. Like everything else there, way too expensive.

    You're making me want a chicken and mutz from Milano's in Jersey City about now.

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    1. re: terrier

      I'd like a prosciutto di parma, mutz and sundried tomatoes from Fiore's House of Quality, please.

    2. I don't live where you do, but we are still limited as to what we can get even in the best markets in my area. So I'm thinking of making my own fresh mozarella; maybe there's a reciped on the chow website, but there's also a simple, fairly uncomplicated recipe on the mother earth news web site. Just type in mother earth news mozarella and I believe you'll find it.


      1. I can't speak to how it compares to Italian delis on the east coast, but your best bet by far is the Seattle farmers markets. Sea Breeze Farm makes a great mozzarella, as does Samish Bay Cheese. River Valley Ranch is another one that is tasty, and if you can get goat milk mozzarella from Port Madison, it is the best stuff on earth.

        You can find these vendors at many of the local farmers markets. Port Madison is at the U-Dist and Ballard, Sea Breeze is U-Dist, Ballard, Wallingford (and maybe Madrona, I can't remember for sure), River Valley Ranch is at Ballard and possibly Madrona.

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        1. re: patriciajane

          I saw some beautiful fresh mozz at the Ballard farmers market this afternoon.

        2. They make their own "mozz" (mots) at Salumi, and I often stop in for a "ball of mozz" (about the size of a baseball).
          I've also found the mozzarella in the big tub of water in the salad bar/prepared food section at Ballard Market a great way to go on a hot summer day. A little mozz, a handful of cherry tomatoes, a fistful of fresh basil, and you're good to go.

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            Met Market also makes their own in their cheese department. I can't speak to its worthiness, but it could be a convenient option, depending on where you live.

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              It is very good, esp if you get it while it is still warm...mmmm....they alos have imported bufalo and locally made in brine.