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Jul 11, 2009 08:42 PM

Duesenberg's Cafe & Grill - Catonsville

Wondering what folks think of this newish cafe and grill in the heart of Catonsville, MD? They serve breakfast, and the lunch menu consists of a mix of burgers that is not a typical list ("burger bar" - build your own), sandwiches, salads, a few hot entrees, etc. I had lunch there today and thought it was very good. It was quite busy. I skipped the unusual offering of duck breast on salad and had the Steak and Zola salad (real steak, medium rare and tender, with bleu cheese, tomato, mixed greens - without the bacon). Partner had steak sandwich which appeared to be the same tender and tasty "Angus" beef on a brioche roll (server said you can get it on any bread). Choice of potato or sweet potato fries, or green bean fries. Had the green bean fries - they were good but appear to be frozen with an onion ring batter, nothing special. However, the wasabi mayo that accompanied them was yummy. This was not the cheapest lunch (both entrees were $9.95) but all ingredients appear to be higher end and serving sizes (including sodas) were very large. Service was very friendly and efficient. The table next to us with two kids ordered "the world's smallest sundae" - they got to keep the glass (other desserts looked just so-so). They do takeout as well (note, as other online reviewers have, that fridge by takeout counter has a nice choice of boutique sodas that I didin't see on the menu?). I read that the owner also runs nearby Taneytown Deli.

What do others think, esp. about breakfast?

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  1. i love their breakfast. just what catonsville needed!
    this past Sat I ordered 3 breakfasts to go:
    2 blueberry pancakes (3) with bacon
    plain pancakes (3) with bacon

    The total was 13 dollars! How can you beat that? I don't even like pancakes but their blueberry pancakes have made me a pancake believer!

    1. Does Duesenberg's have bagels and accompaniments? I have friends who drive from the Arbutus area out to Pikesville and/or Owings Mills just for breakfast to get bagels. They don't care for Sam's bagels, which is located in Catonsville.

      Is it possible the Duesenberg's will extend their hours to include a dinner menu? FoiGras