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Jul 11, 2009 08:12 PM

Found: Suya at Afrofest

Wandered over to Afrofest in Queen's Park this afternoon and came across some delicious grilled meat called Suya. It is a Nigerian dish, thin sliced beef, grilled with a dry rub, a bit spicy, and quite tender. Served with a heap of sliced raw red onion and some fried plantains (avoid the fry bread). The vendor was called No. 1 Suya. I think they are the same folks who run 'The Suya Spot' north of the city www.thesuyaspot.com where I will have to get a fix after the festival concludes tomorrow.

Suya Spot
Weston Rd, Frontenac Islands, ON K0H, CA

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  1. thanks for the heads up! i'm going over tomorrow, will make sure to try some. although i almost always have the famous corn soup:)

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      The folks who make the "famous corn soup" - aka One Love Soup - now have a restaurant, One Love Vegetarian Cafe (854 Bathurst). So you can get your soup fix any time now.

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        thanks, i heard they opened a shop somewhere but wasn't sure where. that's a good location for them, i'm sure i'll be a frequent customer.

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          Nice! They know roast corn and corn soup! Anything else on the menu?

      2. I just came back from Afrofest myself - We all had a fantastic day there. I had the fried bread with salt fish . It was delicious. As well I had a side of curried potato which looked and tasted delicious We all had the corn soup . it was worth the 20 minute line up .Very tasty, hot and filling

        1. The only thing I was disappointed about was that I could not find any ginger beer drinks . It was a hot day and nothing is better than a ice cold strong ginger beer

          1. Did you have the spice blend with it? The lady behind the counter put a small pile of the dry rub on my plate, which added a great zing to it.

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            1. It is indeed the same place.


              Anyone know what their dry spice is made from, and/or if I can buy a substitute? Alls I could find out is that it has salt, pepper, peanuts, something hot.



              Ikeila and Iville's place has a bunch of vegetarian caribbean stuff and pizza. Not just soup. Though it is goooood soup - i.e. what we ate at Harbourfront before going to Afrofest!

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                Here's a recipe link. I thought that I definitely tasted cumin as well.


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                  - and definitely coriander, the spice not herb...

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                    Sweet. Will try soon! Thanks for the link.