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Jul 11, 2009 07:49 PM

What's Open Saturday night on the UWS

I'll be in the Upper West Side for ten days starting tomorrow and looking forward to its many kosher restaurants. Is anything open Saturday night in the summer?

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  1. NoiDue. 143 W 69 - off Broadway. Open until 1am.

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      1. re: whitewater

        I'm not a fan of Talia's in general, but the one time I was there on a Saturday night, they were out of nearly everything on the menu and gave us recently defrosted hot dog buns for our bread basket. I wouldn't recommend it.

        Mike's Pizzeria will have lines on a Saturday night - you might want to call in an order first, then pick it up later.

    1. Beyond NoiDue (long lines), Talia's and Mike's - I think Viva and Roma are both open.

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      1. re: uwskosher

        I seem to remember Estihana has been open in the past. But I haven't tried to go on a Saturday night in years, so you should call ahead before going.

        1. re: avitrek

          Estihana is open, but generally crowded. Call to find out when they open and show up then- they'll be packed within an hour or so after they open, though.