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Jul 11, 2009 07:19 PM

Family Restos In Ottawa

Heading to Ottawa for a weekend, with two older kids.
Any recommendations for cheap to mid-priced restaurants for a couple of breakfasts, lunches and dinners?


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  1. Not sure what kind of food you like so I'll take a guess with some affordable choices.

    Byward market square, not a "restaurant" but in the tourist area a building with food stalls and tons on choice for everyone. they do have picnic tables and some stalls have seating.

    Indian food near downtown, affordable and made to order. Not a fancy location but food is good and you can see the cook make everything you order as the kichen is behind the counter...kinda neat.

    I like the tandoori chicken wrap and just had the vegetarian wrap a few days ago- those sanwiches weigh a ton and can easily be eaten by 2 people (i count not finish the veg wrap as it was way too big), pretty healthy has lots of vegetables....
    they use naan bread for the wrap and make that while you wait!
    -their menu is online (have it at home).

    Haveli indian restaurant:
    expensive for a restaurant if you order single dishes. The buffet is a great deal and great q uality. I think lunch is around $10 and good, also the Sunday buffet is great!

    FoodJericho Lebanese Food

    840 Bank St (bank and fifth).
    Ottawa, ON K1S
    (613) 235-1289‎

    They have a breakfast menu weekends and weekdays I think,
    but they have really good lebanese food and it is a really nice location.
    The restaurant walls are covered in stain glass paintings that the owner makes and sells,
    it is worth stopping by just to see those (they are also for sale),
    The bab ghanoush is good, as is hummous, tabouleh and fathoush salad.
    They have chicken shawarma, falafel and a home made baklava (most ottawa places seem to buy baklava from places in montreal and they sit there forever....


    No idea what kinds of food you like but has local reviews and people leave tons of comments there.

    If you want a affordable breakfast also
    Nates deli on rideau st is quite good.
    It is just a typical breakfast, but it is also a kosher deli and they have the typical smoked meats, knishes ect.....

    or for yummy smoked meats, chicken and they also have stuff cooked for lunch like sausage on a bun, smoked salmon.
    -it is a store but they have 1 or 2 tables and they make their own sausages, so if its nice have a picnic maybe?

    -great sausages made without artificial stuff and preservatives.
    the smoked chicken is so good and is real chicken, not pieces or anything (you can buy a whole chicken),
    also has smoked wings, ribs, salmon-2kinds.

    Forgot to add the Lansdowne farmers market: open Sundays 8-3 and thurs 12-6pm.
    on Sundays they have a food court with local restaurants.
    I only tried some croissants and samosas and they were good.
    The apple cider place makes their own donuts, haven't tried them but they looked so good and was told they had read fruit in the middle!

    was there last week and it is actually not in a building but the stalls were outside under some tents.
    they also had a bank machine on site but bring money as its easier.

    Also forgot, yummy italian and sandwiches. Sandwiches are huge and under $5 and use real cheese and ingredients.
    I like the sandwiches with turkey, swiss or mozarella and marinated eggplant, but they have around 20 just chose whatever and what bread and meat you want....under $5...
    in the byward market, but also location on bank st and in nepean.
    the byward market store has a restaurant in it and sells alcohol also.
    The biscotti the store makes is so yummy!

    Not too sure what else to reccomend as I haven't been to any really new places lately or any fancy places. So my list is not any chain places but local affordable stuff that is good quality...
    Hoping to try a few new restaurants this summer....

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    1. re: MiriamOttawa

      Thanks Miriam!
      Your suggestions are most appreciated.

      My kids love beef, chicken, pasta, vegetarian cuisine and seafood but not fish.
      I am looking forward to checking out Byward market and will most certainly check out the market food scene.

      Thanks again.

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