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Jul 11, 2009 06:40 PM

North Georgia, Blue Ridge area recs..

My family and I will be spending a week in the Blue Ridge area and we have never been in this part of Georgia before. So, any help with casual restaurants or any must see attractions would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!!


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  1. Well this is for NE Georgia. You don't say which part of North Ga. you are visiting.

    It's been many years since I ate there but a long time institution in NE Ga. is the Dillard House - . It's family style - all you can eat, lots of southern comfort food served at big community tables so if that is not your style forget it. Nice setting on a hill overlooking the mountains.

    Nearby in Clayton, Ga. there are several good restaurants. Check this out : The seafood chowder and seafood in general there get rave reviews.
    Good Italian at Mama G's which is in a new location on US441.
    Good Mexican place La Cabana back off the highway in a strip shopping center:

    A little further south in Tallulah Falls is Isabelles:
    That would be the place to go after a visit to Tallulah Gorge State Park (entrance fee) :
    That's a good place to do a little sightseeing/hiking, down into the gorge and cross the suspension bridge. A lot of stairs down into the gorge but not difficult unless you are out of shape or have bad knees,etc. Nice visitor center with exhibits.
    Black Rock Mountain S.P. near the Dillard House is also good for hiking with a nice view:

    Stay in Clayton and take short drive east out Warwoman Road to Warwoman Dell for a picnic.
    If you have time take the 40 min. drive west on US 76 then north on Persimmon Rd. to Tallulah River Road and head towards "Tate City". It's a spectacular drive along the upper Tallulah River. Look for the sign "Coleman River Recreation Area". Tate City is actually a small mountain valley community with a sign that says "Population:32+/_ " - beautiful valley. The TR road is narrow, mostly gravel, and dead end that will take a little more than 1 hour roundtrip with no stops - but you will want to stop so give yourself time. It's well graded and any decent vehicle will do. Turn around near the NC line at the church.
    Call to check current situations and hours. Restaurants have been having a difficult time and I have not been to these spots this summer. Some are not open every day.

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      Actually, the OP stated he/she is visiting Blue Ridge, GA. Thats a town about halfway between Elijay and Murphy, NC, and about an hour west of Clayton.

      1. re: bbqdawg

        Yea, you are probably correct. I was thinking North GA , Blue Ridge (mountains) area.
        I've had people from Florida tell me "we're going to North Georgia to see the mountains" and ask for recommendations, so that's what came to mind.
        Wasted a lot of time and space. Maybe OP can travel home that way and sample something in NE Ga. I am a hiker and when I see Ga. Blue Ridge I think mountains.

        I would like to know of any good restaurants in the town of Blue Ridge myself. Mostly chain stuff from my experience. Toccoa Riverside Rest. gets mixed reviews if they are still open. Of course there's Poole's BBQ in Ellijay but I haven't been in a long time so wouldn't want to recommend it. Some swear by it others not, from what I read. I'm usually just passing thru Blue Ridge and haven't checked it out very carefully for dining.

        Maybe djdog will go east next time.

        1. re: JHLI

          Thank you for taking the time.
          I appreciate the Clayton recommendations as we've never had a clue as to where to eat there.

          1. re: shallots

            I feel better now - a little less foolish

    2. We've never had much luck in that part of the world food-wise. My best meals have been at Brasstown Valley Resort in Hiawassee (not too far east of Blue Ridge IIRC), they have a buffet on Fri and Sat's not bad.

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      1. re: danna

        I was pleasantly surprised by Brasstown. The duck was excellent.

        1. re: Reignking

          Thank you for your replies. I have been doing quite a bit of research into the area and I will report back after the 26th.

          Being a rural area I am not looking for fine dining just decent food with acceptable service. We will be heading East to NC for a day trip so we will probabally stop at the Dillard House.


          1. re: djdog

            Yeah, I know what you mean...generally, i would prefer not to try to have "fine dining" in an area where it's obviously not going to be up to the standards you're used to.

            But...I tried a diner in Young Harris that was awful, an Italian place in Hiawassee that was "just decent" as you mention (up on a hillside across from the lake, just past the hotel on the lake...i'm having troulbe w/ proper names this morning). Brasstown was seriously the only thing decent we ate up there. It's not super fancy, and not terribly expensive. They even had a couple of local wines on the menu (they weren't too good, but I thought it was a nice try)

            You might want to look at recent Dillard house reviews on this board before you go. I'm going to try to dredge up my old threads from N. Georgia and see if I find anything else for you.

            1. re: danna

              here's a 5 year old thread....but it might give you a few ideas to start with:


            2. re: djdog

              The closest places I know of that I'd make a trip for are Bub-A-Que in Jasper (way south) and the Montaluce Vineyard restaurant on the W side of Dahlonega. Think the latter has changed chefs since we went, but we had an excellent meal there over Memorial Day weekend.

              1. re: ted

                John T Edge Tweeted a few weeks ago that Louis Osteen is going to someplace in the N Ga Mountains, said his intentions were for a red neck Inn @ Little Washington. He will definitely ratchet up the quality in the area.