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Jul 11, 2009 06:31 PM

Great Tacos near N. Lamar and Rundberg

I am looking for my best bet for excellent tacos from a stand or restaurant in the N. Lamar area near to Rundberg. I don't eat pork but any recommendations for which kind of taco beef/goat/chicken including innards is okay. I see a lot of places but not sure which ones are the best.

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  1. No one answered this last year, but I pose the question: there are like 20 taco places in that area. Very inexpensive fare but with a lot of low quality meats on offer, sadly, yet with good hand made tortillas and sauces. My fave is the taco de tripa at Rutland/N.Lamar Taqueria Arandinas. Any hidden gems you know about in that area?

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      Not too terribly far from that area is La Fogata in front of a car-wash on Burnet Rd. near 183. I think this trailer is far above average for the area. Some unique specialty items as well. Sadly, I haven't been in a few months and can't recall specifics. Run by a very nice lady. Try it!

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        I know the place and will give it a try. Thanks.

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          This place is awesome. I've had tacos, sopes, and gorditas there, and all of them have been outstanding. Her alambres and enchiladas Potosinas (they're really more like small tacos) are also very much enjoyed in this house. She will take phone orders so you don't need to wait around. If she offers you some candy from her candy bowl, you can be sure that you are in good with her. If you're adventurous, do try the taco the chicharron; it's spicy, but man, is it tasty.

        2. re: luckyfatima

          Barbacoa inside HEB for breakfast and lunch. Brisket tacos at lunch. The place in the SW corner parking lot in front of the auto place seems to do good business at night.

          Oh - the La Hacienda grocery store is good (NE Corner at Rutland), and isn't there now a La Michochana mercado on the SW shopping center? That gets good reviews in other parts of town.

          La Parilla and El Tacolote are both thumbs down for me - but it's been years since I've been to either.

          La Parilla
          9515 N Lamar Blvd Ste 102, Austin, TX 78753

          1. re: luckyfatima

            Just a bit south of Ruland there is a strip center with a Michoacan(?) grocery store. They have a taco bar inside and the few times I have tried it they have been good. They also sell Key limes for a nickel each. Rita's Mexican on Rutland sell breakfast tacos and I have been please but usually all I get is bean and cheese. La Fagota's bean and cheese, and egg and chorizo have been good. The lady that runs is very nice and has a nice body, if you don't mind me saying so. (She is a very sweet lady. She let me have a taco free one day when I left home without my money. When I went to pay her I gave her a buck and a quarter and she told me I had a 25 cent credit there!)

            Rita's Mexican Restaurant
            1934 Rutland Dr, Austin, TX 78758

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              And furthermore, there is a wagon on the corner of Ohlen and 183 on the lot behind a service station. Her tacos are 1.50 and not particularly tasty.There is also a wagon on the northeast corner of the Petsmart lot. The fellow is very nice, good natured and nearly always gives me a sample of something. However, I think his food is way oversalted and over seasoned. You might give him a try though.

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                Have you seen the guy/gal selling out of a cooler in the front parking lot next door (toward Mopac) to that lot in the mornings? I've always wondered.

                The tacos at the new Mi Casa in the mall where the new mexican grocery store (on southbound 183 access between Burnet and Ohlen) are very good and I think are still 3 of $1.50. Even at full price I think the pastor and fajita are great deals. Ask for the "extra hot" sauce. Not too spicy and has a great smokey flavor.

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                Rita's is one of those Special Mystery Sauce places for me. They have this mild-ish green sauce there. It is not like El Pollo Rico type mayonesa verde, it is a regular salsa verde and I can tell it has tomatillos, but I have no idea what else is in it...they won't say!!! But it has some mysterious slight creaminess to it and tastes almost like there is banana or avocado in it, but I am not sure.

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                  Also, just west of Lamar I believe on Rutland, behind the strip center is a little convenience type store that has a small taquira in it.

              3. I keep going to La Fogata but it is always closed when I get there.

                I went to El Tacorrido. We got 1/2 lb. of beef fajita and 1/2 lb. of barbacoa. The barbacoa was good, though most places have decent barbacoa (except I have yet to find it pit-cooked in Austin, it is all stove top tender steam pressure-cooked). The beef fajita was gristly and not very flavorful. I would not get that again---it was that poor quality boiled in its own juices on the griddle meat that puts me off. We also got a plain quesadilla to share. The queso asadero had this weird undertaste, kind of like a Kraft single plastic taste. Their salsas are good. I especially liked the salsa de aguacate...very nice and spicy. I wouldn't make a special trip to El Tacorrido, but might stop there for a barbacoa taco fix.

                I can't remember the name of the place, but it is a stand in front of where Saigon Supermarket used to be. I haven't been there in a year, but that lady had good quesadillas with nice melty queso asadero last time I went. Her barbacoa was a bit extra oily and undersalted. I will have to go back again and check in.

                I keep going back and back again to El Pollo Rico (formerly El Regio) also at N. Lamar near the Rutland intersection. I think it is well established that they have outrageously delicious chicken and magical green sauce. My family usually gets 2 whole Family Combos (2 chickens, rice/beans tortillas, lime, grilled onion, and sauces) and thus far that place is the best for simple taquería fare in the area.

                Pretty much every mini food mart in the area has a taco place on the side...there is a lot more exploring to do. Further down on N. Lamar closer to Ken Street (near T&S) I saw a sign for 'comida con sabor hondureña' at a gas station side-resto so maybe I'll check that out next.

                El Tacorrido
                9320 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753

                El Regio
                6615 Berkman Dr, Austin, TX 78723