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Jul 11, 2009 06:28 PM


Hodad's... Amazing
Nessy Burger...Amazing
In N' Out... Pretty Darn Good Fast Food
To me the best burger joint is Hodad's. The best total meal, fries, shake, the works. But Nessy Burger is pretty awesome also. If your ever driving down the 76, you gotta stop here! I would suggest being hungry since these burgers are huge... Any others match these? My brother and I have yet to find one that tops Hodad's.

Hodads Restaurant
5010 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107

Nessy Burger

Fat Burger
San DIego

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  1. You sure you can cook? ;-)

    I mean, Hodad's is aight, but I wouldn't put them anywhere near the top of any list. Maybe, "most overrated burger", right behind Rocky's.

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    1. re: Josh

      I think you're forgetting the Waterfront. Next to their inexplicably beloved burger, Hodad's and Rocky's look like all-stars.

    2. Try the Ritual Tavern in NP, IMO they put a complete quality plate together. I also like Hodad's for a good 'loaded' burger and you're right they have excellent shakes.

      1. Rocky's is number 1, hands down, nuff said. Nessy is number 2, an excellent burger. After that, Hodad's, Mr. Peabody's, Ritual, Neighborhood, Tivoli all scrap for number 3. We have some good burgers in SD.
        I've eaten at all the "famous" burger spots from IB to Napa (Taylor's is pretty good) but Rocky's is still the best.

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        1. re: rotie77

          I think AR Valentien has one of the best burgers!! It's in The Lodge at Torrey Pines. Have one on their deck overlooking the golf course and the ocean with a cold beer. What could be better? I love Rocky's too. Hodad's are good but barely have any meat on it. Let me know what you think

          1. re: neener41

            I agree with you I'm a big fan of their burger. When I was at the us open I had at least one a day for 5 days. I also love that you can have a cigar on the patio. I need to get back there.

          2. re: rotie77

            Farmhouse Cafe
            Burger Lounge

            Rocky's is number 1 10 years ago.

            1. re: Josh

              I went to Alchemy a couple months ago, and wasn't impressed. The burger was overcooked and cold (it took over 30 minutes), and the fries tasted like they were fried in old oil. Maybe this was a fluke, and the place would be worth another try.

              1. re: beth1

                I didn't like the burger back then either. The last couple of times I've had it though, within the past month, it's been juicy and flavorful. I think they've made some changes to how they do it. That or we both were unlucky.

                Farmhouse Cafe's is still my favorite though. That burger is ridiculously good.

              2. re: Josh

                methinks you like a more "upscale" burger than I, Josh. I'm an 80/20 cooked on the griddle in lots of grease kinda guy. But I do love the Farmhouse burger too, Linkery very good, Burger Lounge, meh, haven't been to Alchemy yet.

                1. re: rotie77

                  Not at all. I like Burger Lounge, too. I don't require anything fancy, but I don't eat feedlot beef anymore, so that really limits my burger choices. That said, even when I *did* eat feedlot beef, I only really liked burgers from places that ground their own meat (like Neighborhood and Phil's BBQ) because then I could get it cooked medium rare. To me, a good burger has to be juicy, and if you have to cook a burger until it's medium-well, you can forget about juiciness.

                  I have read about some people having mediocre experiences at Burger Lounge, but I haven't. I also didn't go until they'd been open for almost a year, so who knows - maybe I missed their "meh" period.

                  1. re: Josh

                    I'll have to give them another try. I'm a medium rare guy too. What always surprised me about Rocky's was that even done medium to medium well (I have gotten them pink there, especially lately), juice was still running down my arms. Plus, I don't want my burger to taste like ground steak, I want it to taste like a burger. I think Neighborhood's burgers have excellent flavor, but not "burger" flavor, at least to me. Farmhouse is closer, and since I've tried their burger they moved Nessy to #3.

                2. re: Josh

                  'Rocky's is number 1 10 years ago.'

                  good one.

              3. The original comment has been removed
                1. If you have not tried the Bare Lil Lamb at Bare Back Bar and Grill, give it a shot. They grind their meat fresh every day and the lamburger is super juicy and flavorful. I do not have the same level of enthusiasm for the fresh ground organic beef however.