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Jul 11, 2009 06:27 PM

Rosie's on the River in Port Chester - anyone been there yet?

I was on my way to the movies and saw Rosie's on the River and was wondering if anyone had been there yet. I saw the placard outside and the specials looked interesting - sounds like a good pre or post-movie restaurant but I wanted to see if anyone else had been there before heading in.

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  1. It was the old Pasta Per Voi. Same owner, just changed the name and the menu. Its a good place to go for drinks. Have not checked out the new menu but I beleive it is now more bar food...burgers and such, but you would know better as you saw the specials.

    1. Just happened across this post. I've been to Rosie's quite a bit and was a regular at Pasta Per Voi. The new menu is great; not all bar food, as the last post suggests. It's not a place to go if you are looking for a "scene" or trendy crowd. Also, the presentation is simple, but the food is very good, nonetheless. The Owner, Anthony, is very welcoming and attentive. It also helps that the prices are reasonable.

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        Ate here the other night. Didn't feel like waiting at Tarry Lodge. The food was awesome! I was a little leery at first, it is not the fanciest of places, but they have a new chef and new menu. I had a seafood salad and Cod FIsh. Good stuff. $80 for the two of us with Tax and Tip.

      2. My family & I use to go to Per Voi. It has reopened under the same ownership. It is the perfect place to go for good Italian home cooking before/after a movie. Great selection on the menu and fair prices.
        I do not know where idea came from that it is bar food? Far from it!
        But this is not a trendy "scene" filled toast of the town, like their neighbor Tarry Lodge. But how often do you want that?

        1. We went last night. The food is quite good, the ambiance is lovely and the service was outstanding. Everyone from the owner to the busboy greated us in a welcoming way and our server was informed, accomodating, and friendly to exactly the right degree. It was a Saturday night and not very full, so I encourage you to try it. After our positive experience, I'd hate to see it not make it.

          1. Just ate here for the second time. Sadly we don't go as often as we'd like.

            The service is very very good here. Everyone involved and even half the customers will help sell you on what you ate or take a real interest in if you liked something they were debating.

            We have not had a bad meal here yet. The fried calamari is so light and delicate in the breading you really don't need the sauce at all. This to me is the equivalent to pancakes you don't need syrup, a sign of top end in my eyes. I have had the pumpkin ravioli and the short ribs myself and my wife has had the wild mushroom ravioli both times and I do believe she'd rate it among her favorites anywhere.

            The bar end is more casual and there will be people to talk to if that's your thing. Drinks are fairly priced for the area and quite nice.

            I know its hard to read this sometimes but we really do love the place.

            I had never been to it when it was Pasta Per Voi although I am told and is confirmed in the thread it is the same owner.

            Pasta Per Voi
            23 N Main St, Port Chester, NY 10573

            Rosie's on the River
            23 N Main St, Port Chester, NY 10573