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Jul 11, 2009 05:46 PM

Acadia NP Schoodic Peninsula

Hi All

While in the Bar Harbor area next week, we plan a full day trip to the Schoodic Peninsula via Ferry and the FREE Island Explororer Bus. Was wondering if there are any food opportunities in the area, or should we pack a picnic lunch?


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  1. Don't know if the Bus would get you there but, as far as I know, the only restaurant in the area is Chases's in Winter Harbor (center?). They have decent food (chowders, sandwiches, egg dishes, etc.) but it is strictly a "locals" kind of place. It's pretty close to the kind of food you might find in any kitchen in the area. I've never had anything "bad" there and it does have a kind of Downeast Maine atmosphere.

    1. Gerrish Provisions in Winter Harbor has reopened under new managers (owners?) and reports are good. It has soups, sandwiches, fabulous baked goods.

      Fisherman's Inn, at the intersection in Winter Harbor, is open for lunch and serves good fresh fish and more. He also owns Grindstone Neck smoked seafood, just up the road a piece, where you can get lobster and crab rolls.

      Chase's, also in Winter Harbor, is family style Maine fare with a few surprises.

      All are about a 15-20 minute walk from the ferry or on the Explorer bus system. There's nothing in the Schoodic section of the park, although there is a great picnic area. Bunker's Wharf is closed.

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        Thanks folks. If we were driving over, I'd try one of these places, but it seems like a picnic lunch may be the way to go.

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          The bus does take you right to the Gerrish Store - though, in truth, I'm not sure if that is before or after going around the park loop. Will check when I go for the paper and get back to you. A picnic on the rocks in the Park is always grand, though.

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            So, I did get a bit of information, but haven't been able to verify.
            1. The bus normally goes to Schoodic first then loops back through town (where the food is). I was told that if you ask the bus driver, he will take you to town first. There you could have lunch at Gerrish (where I just had a chilled pea soup with a spoon of crab salad in the middle swirled with basil oil) and then reboard the bus about 45 minutes later when it swings back by. You could spend any extra time browsing at the 5 & 10 from whence I got this info!
            2. Also suggested that you could call ahead and order, say from The Harbor Girl (963-5900) which is at the entrance to Schoodic - subs, box lunches, etc. - and the bus would pull over and let you run in to get your stuff.
            AGAIN, this is based on a well-informed source, but........
            I will say that the bus is really under utilized except during festivals and the driver seems very sweet and accommodating. Maybe the ferry company could give more info. At any rate, have a wonderful time. Schoodic is quiet and beautiful.

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              Your efforts are MUCH appreciated!