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Jul 11, 2009 05:01 PM

Best sausage in Waco?

Never had Texas sausage until I ate one in Lockhart at Kreutz' last month.. I'll be traveling to Waco next week and wanted to find the same smokey, greasy, homemade goodness. Suggestions?

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  1. Grawburg, I don't think the answer will be in Waco; rather, it will be in West, Texas. But cheer up, as the town of West is only a few miles north of Waco. Hopefully some other hounders will log on with specifics of where in West you should head to. I think there is already some info on this suject posted, so you might want to search the board.

    1. A lot of stores in Texas carry various brands of Texas sausage. You might call Kreuz and ask if anybody in Waco does.

      Another suggestion, if you have a car, is to drive out to Taylor and get some hot links from Louie Mueller.

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      1. re: Jaymes

        I realize this is not going to help but, the sausage at Louie Mueller's is, the best!

        1. re: twinwillow

          Hey, might help. Depends upon how long Grawburg is going to be in Waco. And whether or not he/she has a car.

          Maybe if we both recommend the sausage (and brisket, too, while we're at it) at Louie Mueller's, the drive will seem worth it.

      2. In West is Nemecek Bros for sausage. They have been around for 100+ years and still in the same location. If you go east down the main street into town (Oak St) go past the light and over the tracks just as you are over the tracks you turn left. Go about a half block and Nemecek should be on your right in a white building. Picture at the bottom of this post of Nemeck's building
        Nemecek Bros. Meat Market
        300 N. Main
        West, Texas 76691
        (254) 826-5182
        Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am-5:30pm CST; Sat. 7:30am-2:00pm CST

        Gerik's Ole Czech Smokehouse is the second option they are about a block or so off 35 just east down Oak St. Call for the hours before you make the trip.

        Gerik's Ole Czech Smokehouse & Bakery
        511 West Oak St., West, TX

        These are the only two sausage makers in town besides an individual. They have been around for a good number of years and make a quality product.

        DO NOT STOP at Czech Stop for your sausage it will be fridge packs of the Nemecek suasages and I don't believe they carry Gerik's (since they are a competitor on the kolache/koblasnik front). It is just a few more blocks to either and well worth your trip.

        In Waco proper most of the Central Texas brands can be found at HEB. I found the Southside Market ones to be the best of the prepackaged ones. Rudy's BBQ on the Circle (Valley Mills Dr) and 35 will have an option for you.

        Rudy's Country Store & BBQ
        2510 Circle Rd.
        Waco, TX 76706
        Phone: 254-750-9995
        Fax: 254-750-9996

        When I was a kid I used to love Michna's BBQ but not sure what they are like now. My grandfather was in the Shrine with the owner and knew him very well.

        Michna's BBQ
        2803 Franklin Ave
        Waco, TX 76710-7439
        (254) 752-3650

        Might give Vitek's a whirl also while in Waco.

        Vitek's BBQ
        1600 Speight Ave.
        Waco, Texas 76706
        Phone: 254.752.7591

        1. in waco for sausage i like michna's or vitek's

          1. Louie Mueller's in Taylor is 50 minutes down the road from Waco. Bobby Mueller's passing has not changed the quality at all.
            Their links are , IMHO, by far the best in the universe.
            Throw some ice in the cooler, and have them wrap up a dozen to go.
            Don't forget to ask for some extra dipping sauce. We used to take our own tupperware in so that nary a drop would be lost in transit.

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            1. re: Scrappy 2222

              second Scrappy's motion on Louie Mueller's. Take the Interstate to Temple. At Temple pickup Tx Hwy.95 all the way to Taylor. Pleasant drive, little traffic. When you get to Taylor, Hwy. 95 becomes Main St. When you get to 2nd.St. turn right and you are there. The sausage won't be the only thing you'll love at Louie Mueller's. LM is arguably the best BBQ joint in Texas.

              1. re: pinotho

                Well, there you have it, Grawburg. The best place in Waco to get Texas hot links is Taylor.

                But be warned - you have to get there early - before 2 or 3pm at the very latest. This is definitely not a dinner joint.

              2. re: Scrappy 2222

                75 miles according to google maps.

                LM's is my favorite in TX, but you're seriously going to send Grawburg 150 miles roundtrip?

                Grawburg, I'm not against traveling far for good 'cue, but perhaps you can fill us in on how you're arriving in Waco. Flying straight in? From Fort Worth? From Austin?

                1. re: Bulldozer

                  Don't you think it depends upon how long he/she's going to be there? If you were coming into Waco from, say New York, and going to be there, say, a week, and had a car, and were really interested in food and sampling some of the best, say BBQ, that that region had to offer and see a little of the countryside into the bargain, wouldn't you at least consider doing it?

                  I sure would.

                  If, on the other hand, if he/she is only going to be there one day, then obviously not.