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Jul 11, 2009 04:14 PM

tasting menu toronto

I'm interested in doing a tasting menu in toronto. I would like it to have many courses 7-8 min. not including any amuse/frost etc. (the more courses the better). I am not looking for anything that is asian inspired.

I'd appreciate any suggestions

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  1. 7-8 is a lot, most restaurants here have scaled down in light of the downward economy. Unfortunately you just missed the last of the grand tasting menu in Toronto, that beloning to Splendido.

    The names you'll hear recommended will be.....

    auberge du pommier
    colborne lane

    Look up their websites and see which one appeals to you more.

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    1. re: aser

      thank you for your reply

      I'll look into them

    2. In addition to aser's list, N44 and Truffles also offer tasting menu but not as many as 7-8 minimum! My friend, you have one big appetite!

      1. As mentioned above, Colborne Lane has a 10 course. They also have a 15 course called the "kitchen table" menu, which they will gladly do for you in the regular dining room as well. The 15 courses does include a couple amuses and a desert that's really just a truffle-type thing, so you're looking at 12 full courses otherwise.

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          Do you know what the 10 course comes out to? Just doesn't have prices on their menu for the tasting menu.

          1. re: DurhamPark

            There's a chance they may have lowered their prices, but last I checked, the 10 course was around $129 and the 15 course was $159. I forget how much the wine pairings works out to, but it's somewhere in the range of $70-90 ($90 for the 15 course).

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              This thread is probably dead, but it's $100 for the 10 course at CL. $50 for pairings....which has and hasn't been worth it. Once I got 5 glasses; another time I got literally 12, it would've been more if we didn't insist they take away all the reds...trying to get us drunk I guess.