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Jul 11, 2009 03:13 PM

breakfast recs auckland

Hi -
I'm going to New Zealand in August for the first time. Will be staying near Albert/Queen St., and am looking for some good breakfast food recommendations. I read some of the recommendations posted already on lunch/dinner spots and have decided I will be adding Murder Burgers and Kermadec to my To-Eat list. Any good breakfast joints though?

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  1. Breakfast options are pretty much limited to European "cafe food" (e.g. eggs, bacon, eggs benedict etc) or Yum Cha at a chinese place (tends to be weekends only as far as I know). Personally i find a lot of the european cafe food very overpriced and "samey" but its probably the most common thing that people go out to eat for breakfast - so if you want to "eat like the locals" when in Rome and all that , then going out for "eggy benny" is probably the thing to do.

    there are tons of cafes - many in Ponsonby/Grey Lynn: good examples are:
    The Richmond Road Cafe, Grey Lynn :
    great cofee here and interesting menu - wins lots of awards...

    Dizengoff on Ponsonby Road (has a slight jewish influence with the food so you can get some more interesting stuff like chopped liver etc):

    Blake Street again in Ponsonby:

    For central city (ie within walking distance of where you are staying) a good bet would be
    Ima and Ibn (again Jewish influence

    another good option in town would be the Elliot Stables Complex is nice - it has a nice feel with a range of eating options - including a good cafe called Reslau:
    not sure what time it opens

    For a late breakfast option esp on weekends Yum Cha is fun - there are many good options including:
    Grand Harbour (think it opens about 10.30am on weekends:

    I really wish some of the asian establishments (noodle bars, korean restuarants, thai places etc) would open for breakfast as they provide - hands down- the best value eating in auckland - but im yet to hear about any open for breakfast (e.g. congee or similiar) - any chowhounders know about any good places that do this?