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Jul 11, 2009 02:45 PM

Thoughts on Prezza's latest menu

We don't get to the North End or to Prezza as often as we used to. What does everyone think of their current menu?

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  1. We just came back from a wonderful meal at Prezza. The service and the food were execellent and the wine list had just what the doctor ordered. I was getting nervous because I had seen several very negative reviews on various web sites - mostly panning the service but a few harshly criticizing the food. When we lived in the North End we ate at Prezza several times per month and loved it. This was the first time we were back in almost a year and we were afraid that something had happened. Fortunately, the service and food were as good or better - attentive but unobtrusive service from our waitress, the Maitre d' and the chef who remembered our dogs from the Prado and our talks about upland game hunting. This evening's meal only reinforced my opinion that Prezza is one of the finest restaurants in Boston.

    1. My husband and I went there to celebrate our birthdays on July 1st. It was our first time, and thought the food was great. We had the blue cheese stuffed figs and the arancini with tomatoes and clams for starters. These were both excellent and huge portions. I am glad that I only ordered the appetizer portion of lobster gnocchi for my dinner. This was also good but a little on the bland side. The coconut creme brulee was very tasty and was very well flavored with pieces of coconut. The fruit tart was just the basic fruit with pastry creme, nothing too special. We were also impressed with the generous wine portions.

      The service was a bit mixed. We had to ask for water refills a couple times. But they did do the candles in our desserts so that was a nice touch.

      I would definitely recommend it, even if its just to get a couple appetizers, which I thought were the best part of the menu.