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Jul 11, 2009 02:17 PM

Soup Dumplings?

Hello Austin Chowhounds!

Can anyone tell me if/where to get steamed pork buns, aka soup dumplings, aka soup INSIDE a dumpling, not dumplings resting in soup?

I'm talking about the kind you'd find in Chinatown in NY at Joe's Shanghai. There's a picture you can scroll over at the bottom of this post to see what they look like.

1 person has mentioned "soup dumplings" on the Chinatown DimSum page, but it's not clear if they're talking about the same dumpling! This dumpling I'm looking for has soup and meat contained within the dumpling wrapper. You usually eat it off a big chinese soup spoon.

I asked a Chinatown Downtown employee if they had soup dumplings and it's clear that the girl working there had never heard of this type of dumpling. That makes me wonder whether or not the Mopac Chinatown would have it.

Thanks for your time and attention!

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    1. Shanghai Restaurant on Middle Fiskeville has it on weekends when they do Dim Sum in the AM. Pao's Mandarin House in Lakeway also has them. I would call and confirm with both.

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        I just ate their today and saw they had soup dumplings served at dim sum at Shanghai.

      2. I just turned on the TV while reading this thread to find Tony Bourdain in Shanghai, eating soup dumplings! Amazing coincidence. It definitely made me want to try them.

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        1. re: Ashforth

          Here's a little primmer on eating Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings):

        2. I've had soup dumplings at dim sum in the Mopac Chinatown location and also at Shanghai for dim sum.