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Jul 11, 2009 02:08 PM

Kinkead's Hell point Seafood opens in Annapolis

Anyone have a chance yet to get here? They must not of had a grand opening as I read all the local papers and did not see any formal announcement that they were even open for business.

Happened to walk by on July 4 and see that there were folks dining in what used to be the old Phillip's Seafood on Ego Alley. Took a quick peek at the lunch menu and my eyes did not move beyond the Lobster Roll with shoestring fries. Coming from New England, I sure miss this little treat.

We'll see if Kinkead's magic from D.C. will transfer to Annapolis. I sure hope so. We don't need anymore "Jerry's seafood home of the crab bomb" restaurants.

If you've been, please report your experience.

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  1. I heard dinner is $39 prix-fixe only, no a la carte.

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    1. re: chowsearch

      you can sure order ala carte if you like

    2. I've had the lobster roll at at the original Kinkeads near GWU and I can't say it was all that. Don't expect the amount of lobster to be anything like that lobster roll shack (Red's) that's profiled from time to time on the Food Channel.

      1. We just ate there this evening. We're a family of four, two teenagers, two adults. You can order a la carte, or they do have a prix-fixe (or price fix as we heard one server describe it) option where you can order the three courses for $39, We tried 3 appetizers: a calamari-style Thai fried squid (good, not greasy, with an interesting dipping sauce, but a small expensive portion), mussels in a coconut milk-curry-ish broth (fabulous, and the best deal) and the fried clams (good, but not worth the cost-however, the fried lemon slice was an amazing surprise). The fried clams cost an additional $6 over the prix-fixe (but I dunno why). For entrees, we had two lobster rolls (I'm a New England girl and they were ho-hum and the lobster was a bit chewy), a broiled salmon dish (salmon was dry/overcooked, spinach side was boring) and the swordfish (amazing, plus it came with these amazing fried zucchini straws that we all loved). For desserts, we had two molten chocolate (cup)cakes with hazelnut ice cream (no *molten* chocolate though; I like the Charthouse version better); a chocolate pot de creme /vanilla creme brulee combo that came with a pistachio biscotti (merely okay) and a nectarine tart that came with pistachio ice cream. Kids had Cokes (free refills); adults had Amstel Lights (draft beer was not yet available) - Amstels cost over $5 ea.

        We recently ate at PassionFish in Reston (which won rave reviews from everyone); if PassionFish gets an A, Hell Point rates a C. Family consensus is that we would go there for a light dinner of appetizers, and have gelati at Aroma D' Italia for dessert.

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          Thanks for the detailed report...they better get it together or people will equate them with the Phillips they replaced or Buddy's up the street. They need a top-notch affordable crabcake, better than the one at Kinkead's/DC.

          1. re: chowsearch

            I'm not sure "top-notch" and "affordable" can really apply to crabcakes, nowadays. Affordable crabcakes are made from the tasteless Asian crab meat, taking "top-notch" out of the picture unless size is the only criterion.

            1. re: Hal Laurent

              Right on--it's the Maryland Dichotomy: The Great vs Affordable Crabcake. Faidley's does it. I know they have a huge volume of all the grades and from multiple sources since they retail and have low overhead, but I think this is so important for a MD restaurant, especially a seafood one to get right. This one's in the public eye due to name, location and reputation, so they should offer a fab localized one even if they must as a loss leader or at cost to prove their value and make money on the sides, other dishes and drinks. I fear they'll think the one they sell in DC will win the locals over, but what's passable in DC might not cut it closer to the Bay.

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            Thanks ssgiris, although how disappointing to hear of their dismal debut. Sometimes I think Annapolis is cursed when it comes to quality dining. If the restaurants are consistant, sadly it seems it's because the chefs never change the menu and can probably prepare the dishes blindfolded.

            Others just take advantage of the revolving door tourists, and some just rely on their great waterfront locations. I hope this place comes to represent the reputation that Kindeads did in DC. You wouldn't happen to be Lithuanian would you?

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