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Sunday night in Ft. Worth

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I realize this is short notice but I need somewhere in Ft. Worth with great (I said great, not expensive) food.
But, they need to be open on (G/F's day off) Sundays. Prefer Italian or Mexican. Any replies after this Sunday will be considered for another Sunday. Thank you.

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  1. sorry, Twin, but all I can think of is the Railhead @ Montgomery/I30 (at least I think they are open on Sunday). It's BBQ, but it's fun.......

    1. El Progresso Taqueria on N.Main and Long (across the street from Market Latina). Not the most exciting of decors but awesome puerco en adobo and pescado tacos. I enjoyed the lengua tacos but my wife did not. To put another sweet note on this place they also serve Guatemalan fare on the weekends.

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        El Progresso sounds (very) good to me. I'll ask the g/f if she would like that. Thanks, 'Hounder.

      2. Well, we ended up at Taverna downtown on Throckmorton Street. Not as good as the Dallas location but, good enough.

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          I am a huge fan of Lonesome Dove and Lanny's... but they are pricey I suppose. Lanny's isnt talked about much, but check out their website. Wow, you all must go. http://www.lannyskitchen.com/

          For the quirky, Chef Pointe is quite the rage now with its FN publicity. I havent been there in years, but it was a unque expoerience and they do very well. www.chefpointcafe.org

          Eddie V's is nice too (seabass). www.eddiev.com

          I like Byblos, and it can be inexpensive. Nice freshly made pitas, mezza plate is greatness, belly dancing... meh. www.byblostx.com

          Riscky's is well worth the trip. Nice family place. They have the steakhouse and the BBQ. Not your haute cuisine, but we are all not about that... all the time. http://www.risckys.com/

          Ruffino's is a nice Italian and doesnt' have to be expensive if you order properly. http://www.ruffinosfinedining.com/194...

          And for the Mexican, I like Miguelitos. Divey, tasty. They make their own fritos! Yummy tamales.

          Hope some of this helps.

        2. Don't know your definition of "great", but certainly Joe T. Garcia's on north main at least qualifies as "historic" and it is open Sundays.

          1. Thanks for all your suggestions. 'Dude, funny you mentioned "Chef Point Cafe". It's on our "short list" for another time.
            As well as some of the places in Roanoke. Btw, I'd love some suggestions for Roanoke. We already know about Twisted Root", thank you.

            1. There's a Tex-Mex place we kinda like in downtown Fort Worth, Cabo Grande http://www.cabogrande.com/ Haven't been there in a while, but it's decent Tex-Mex, made a little more interesting with ingredients like fried plaintain slices decorating a salad, and fun people watching of the folks walking by the big windows. Also although not specifically Mexican or Italian, but quite good, Covey Brewery http://www.thecovey.com/index.htm It's more of a Texas menu than Tex-Mex or Italian. Many of their menu items are made with their own house-brewed beer and they have very tasty beer flights. They make their pizza crust with some of their beer and it's wood-fired. Hubby thought it was too dense as he likes a super crisp crust. I didn't try it, so can't say. Everything else we had was wonderful. Also worth a visit, Michael's Ancho Chile Restaurant and Bar http://www.michaelscuisine.com/ They call their food conntemporary ranch cuisine. It's kind of a hybrid of Texas/Tex-Mex/bar food/pizza.

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                Thanks, 'Foodie. Michael's Restaurant looks very interesting.