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Jul 11, 2009 01:38 PM


Anyone else been? (It's at 20th & Locust) The sweetie and I checked it out last night -- he's been drooling over the prospect for months.

Only one flavor but a great, seriously tart taste -- one of the first frozen yogurts I've had that actually tasted really like yogurt. The Italian topping sauces are really good. Loved the dark chocolate with hazelnuts.

Not cheap, but could definitely be an indulgence I'll regularly enjoy this summer. And be able to feel somewhat healthy about it, too!

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  1. We stopped in yesterday afternoon. The line was almost out the door. The yogurt was tasty. The dark chocolate "torone" topping was OK but not spectacular (and hardened a la "Magic shell").

    The portion is deceptively small - the cups are part of the deception with the cup bottom halfway down the cylinder and domed upwards inside.

    All in all the Bride & I agreed - we'll continue to go to Capogiro instead.