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Any good restaurants on the water or sound?

Now the nice weather has finally arrived I am looking for some nice restaurants that are local and are on the Hudson River or LI Sound...Don't mind driving into CT either! It seems to have slipped my mind about where to go..Thanks!!

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  1. Red Hat in Irvington has outdoor dining on the Hudson as well as on the rooftop.

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      Had drinks on the roof at Red Hat last week and the sunset was fabulous. Food is good, but can be pricey depending on what you order. Whenever we feel that we want nice, upscale ambience and great water views, it is the go to place.

      We used to go to Harvest on the Hudson for this but have heard that the food quality has gone down in the past few years.

      For very casual waterfront dining (picnic tables and fish shack vibe), Ebb Tide in Port Chester on the Byram River is terriffic.

    2. The nice view in Rye is at Seaside Johnny's but the food is awful. I prefer to enjoy the outdoors in the nice weather at Mulligans at Doral Arrowwood in Rye Brook. It's not a water view but it feels like an island get-away on Thurs and Fri nights when the calypso band plays. It's on the golf course. Here's this year's menu:


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        I did not think the food at Seaside Johnny's was awful except that it was awfully expensive for what you get.

      2. Also Harvest on Hudson- although we prefer Red Hat. No reservations for patio seating, so during the week you might get a 10 minute wait. Definitely hit the bar on the roof for a drink, and Wednesday we were there they had great live Jazz.

        1. On The Waterfront
          Down-by-the-River Dining
          From Westchester Magazine:

          1. Sunset Cove..... http://www.sunsetcove.net/ in Tarrytown has a beautiful view and decent food, from what I hear the brunch is very nice (although I have never been to the brunch). I like FISH in Portchester ...... http://www.fishfoxisland.com/home.htm, nice sound view (ask for outside table) good variety of dishes, nicely prepared. Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry .....http://www.harvest2000.com/hmn/ also has gorgeous views and they are still working out a few kinks but it's worth a try. Also in Irvington is Il Sorriso...., http://www.ilsorriso.com/ and if you sit out back on the patio there is a partial view of the Hudson, very pleasant.Also on Tues and Wednesdays they have specialty martini's for $5.00.all day/night, and on Wed. - Fridays from 5-7pm they have wines for $5.00 a glass and small plates for $5.00 and complimentary antipasti (that is in the bar/lounge only). And of course all the others mentioned,...Red Hat, Harvest on Hudson, Seaside Johnny's. Also in Tarrytown is Striped Bass (but I like Sunset Cove better) and also Montevede has some beautiful views http://www.monteverderestaurant.com/

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                F.I.S.H. in Port Chester; right on LI sound

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                  FISH is on an inlet, and it's not a particularly attractive setting.. Service stinks there as well.

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                    Seems as if you had a poor/bad time at FISH/F.I.S.H.
                    While view may not be directly on the water, it is ok. Food and service we had were good. And judging from comments in other threads, not too many others had all to many problems there.
                    So would you care to share some more details of what happened to you?

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                      FISH got some pretty mediocre reviews here:


                      Aside from the place being pretty spartan with big prices and a pretty soppy view, the one time we tried to dine there we waited 35 minutes at a table outside after being seated with no acknowledgement that we were there. So we left and had a good meal at a Latin restaurant in Port Chester instead!

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                        If you read the other thread that is referred to has five comments about FISH and all of them are favorable with respect to the food.

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                          And the first 2 reader reviews in Zagat say the place is AWFUL.

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                            Actually of the 136 reviews on zagat.com most are quite complimentary of the restaurant. Probably ~20% had negatives to say and that would include hard chairs, waiting for the whole group and a couple of service issues. But 75-80% were quite pleased.

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                              Menton1 is still not convinced to go back. I also find it remarkable that one would excuse waiting 35 minutes after being seated at a restaurant, and worse, blaming the patron for "not informing the staff".

                              For seafood, Elm Street is pretty good; for a view, the Hudson River restaurants offer a better choice and better quality than the ones on the Sound.

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                                Here is jfood's take on a restaurant experience. It is a win-win situation in which the restaurant has a win with the customer and the customer has a win with the food. And jfood has never excused any restaurant for ingoring a customer for 35 minutes and jfood basically draws the line at around 5 minutes upon seating. And jfood rarely, if ever "blames" anyone for actions, he is probably the least blame-game person in the world. In fact he is a true believer in the theory of "there are two sides to every story and then what really happened."

                                Now that jfood has stated his philosophy on the first two topics, let's get the the third, "not informing the staff". as jfood stated in above, the dining experience is win-win. And informing the staff is the only way to communicate displeasure with an act that the restaurant is performing including, but not limited to, bad service, bad seating, bad food, worng bill, etc. With more granularity - If jfood is seated for >5 minutes and noone approaches he mentions it to someone, if he would like his server to stop by he mentions it to someone, if he is asked to sit next to the bathroom he mentions it to someone, receives a swordfish instead of a steak or the food is badly prepared, he mentions it to someone, receives the bill for table 45 when he is seated at table 42, he mentions it to someone. Does he sit there and stew for 35 minutes and then walk out? If he has made mention of this oversight and it is not corrected, he absolutely would do what you did, but as a first line reaction to the situation, it is just not his style. Has he ever written a review or a statement on CH that as quid pro quo, not his style either.

                                The OP was looking for recommendation for good food on the water, not in downtown G'wich. Elm St is very good but is 1 for 2. FISH for many here and on other sites and reviews offers both.

                                If you have some on the Hudson that you like please offer them up to the OP as you are a poster with a pretty wide range of suggestions with 100s of posts in the area. If you do not want to go back to FISH, no skin off jfood's nose, but he and many have had very good experiences here.


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                      jfood has eaten twice at FISH and both cases were fine. In fact the last time the goat cheese ravioli were so great that mrs jfood asked jfood to figure out the recipe and make at home.

                      That was the genesis of this post:


              2. Ebb Tide is very hit or miss. Some nights, they are really on their game and the service/timing of your order is A-OK. Other nights, forget it- they get overwhelmed in the kitchen and nothing comes out quite the way you'd hoped it would. The food is always good and fresh, but the timing can really kill an evening.

                1. In Rowayton (sp?) in Connecticut. It's Rowayton Seafood just next to the fish market. Pretty views. Good seafood.

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                    one of my favorite places. helps if you're a sailor. not cheap.

                  2. moving up the coast from Pchester

                    FISH in Portchester - Jfood lokes the food a lot, view not so great, area dicey
                    Eclisse in Gwich - if you want to drop a bundle then here is your place, no thanks to jfood
                    A couple of bars and dives in Styamford, not worth the money
                    Rowayton Seafood - First choice
                    In SONO:
                    - SONO Seafood - basic fried place you would find on cape cod. sit on wodden park benches
                    - Harbor Lights - can be very good or just OK
                    At Calf Pature Beach Sunset Grille - fried calamari and shrimp joanna your best bet overlooking some cool boats
                    In Westport - Splash - jfood likes this place as well

                    Best of luck

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                      Think you meant L'Escale, Jfood.. Eclisse is that italian family style in Stamford and Rye Brook.

                      L'Ecale is definitely pricey... but tasty menu and elegant setting. The guy who's running it is also going to open a Danny Myer's Blue Smoke resto in the HoJo hotel he's refurbishing between Greenwich and Stamford. the first Myers in the burbs -- the man behind Gramercy Park, Union Square, 11 Mad, and Shake Shack in the city.

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                        Blue smoke in the burbs? Bring it!! I'm a fan of their pulled pork. It would be great if they made it out here. Lately I've been getting my fix at citifield...the best eats in baseball...gives you something to take your mind off what's happening in the field...!

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                          the best eats in baseball, there's a thread. the best seats in baseball, there's another, but not CH, but I still love camden yards..

                          for the former I nominate the brats at Miller Field in Milwaukee. ....

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                          thanks lou, always mess those names. jfood does not recommend eclisse on canal. l'escale is very good but very pricey.

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                            RyeBrook Eclisse closed a couple of years ago. Now it's Frank's Steaks. Don't know how they are doing. They seemed to be closed a couple of days a week.

                        3. good fun summer night, sweet sunset spot, very casual 'parklike' but historic elegant stone arches architecture; 79th Street Boat Basin
                          Neighborhood: Upper West Side
                          West 79th Street at Riverside Drive
                          on the Hudson River, New York, NY 10025

                          1. terrace dining at Whitby Castle in Rye is great. Had a fantastic steak & melon entree. Not that close to the sound but still beautiful nad tasty eats...F.I.S.H. has awesome food with not the greatest of views but charming in an industrial sort of way. Ebb tide is ok, similar view/same river and who wants crab meat in a lobster roll? and the roll is more of a Portuguese bread that squishes the filling out...

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                              Is that why the lobster roll at Ebb Tide looks so funny? We couldnt figure it out. That's wrong. Call it a "seafood roll", then...

                            2. This has been a long thread, but I noticed no one has mentioned L'Escale in Greenwich CT. Haven't been in a while, but it has a great spot on the Greenwich inlet just off the Sound, and they serve 3 meals a day starting with breakfast. Used to be a nice spot.

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                                Thumbs up for L'escale from me. Eaten there 3 times in the past year and enjoyed every dinner (including an excellent christmas dinner). Have never been in the summer...is there an outside area? Nice location, got me thinking I should go back soon now the weather is decent.

                              2. Whatever you do, avoid the disappointment that is Ebb Tide. It sucks in every possible way. Way overpriced, long line to order, food is a disappointment. Yes, it is fun to sit on a picnic table, but do that in a park for much less, you will be happier.