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Jul 11, 2009 12:40 PM

costco /ruby's sliders

Family loves Ruby's diners so when I saw the box of frozen Ruby's sliders at Costco I wasdelighted! Don't go there!!!! They have to be the worst hamburger/sliders I have experienced. Nothing,at all, like the ones in their diners. Mentioned them to a few other people and got the same reaction. Wonder why a chain with such a good reputation and decently priced family fare would put something like this out !! Awful stuff!! The buns are the only good thing as they are a hawaiian sweetbread type.

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  1. Agreed...Ruby's is a VERY good restaurant chain based in SoCal...they have the diner gimmick but they have the good food to back it up. The "sliders" were just above awful...the kids ate them and enjoyed them but that's the best I can say. Bun was ok, meat was very strange-tasting at best.

    1. I guess I'm too easy. I like these for what they are - kind of like frozen White Castle burgers, only a bit more substantial on the ingredients. Doesn't equal the food at the restaurants, but these burgers work for a quick lunch when I can't get out of the office.