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Jul 11, 2009 12:34 PM

La Sfogliatella (Lobster tail pastry) [Southeast Lower MI]

Any idea on where I can find these is southeast lower michigan. I have called of the local bakeries and they have no idea what I am talking about.


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  1. I think I've seen these at various Italian bakeries, like this one:

    Or you might try the bigger Italian markets like Vince and Joe's or Nino Salvaggio's that have in-house bakeries.

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    1. re: gooddog

      I've never seen them at Vince & Joes or Nino's. Vince and Joes pastries are much better. They have great Cannolis. They also carry a few Italian pastries I have not seen at other local Italian bakeries like the Cartocci.

    2. Searching the Detroit Metro area - I went to Tringalis bakery and that do NOT have lobster tails. Went to a few others and they carry La Sfogliatella during the holidays (Canturo Market in Livonia has frozen you can buy always) but thats made with Ricotta Cheese. The ONLY place I've found the true Lobster Tail which has Bavarian cream is at a little bakery in Grosse Pt, Michigan called Josef's. Its the real deal but they only made a limited amount each day so you should call head. The place was started by the real Josef years ago but he sold the business to two enterprising young baker's that updated the place with a plasma TV showing food network, tables inside and out and drinks to eat there creations on the spot. Web site is