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Jul 11, 2009 12:23 PM


There is an interesting post on the Austin board about Sheila Partin hamburger buns. I'm one of those who feels like bread is really important to a sandwich. I've tried hamburger buns and hotdog buns at CM and WF, and while they are a cut above Ms.Bairds, I am still searching. Anyone have a line on good sandwich bread, or hamburger/hot dog buns ? TIA.

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  1. Have you tried Empire Baking Company in Inwood Village at least for the bread? ZI am not sure if they have buns. La Spiga in Addison is another option.

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    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

      intrigued by both, but particularly La Spiga.......THANK YOU, LH.

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        I am having a party next weekend, expecting maybe 150 or so close friends. But I plan on making various types of sliders for this one and am looking for a super quality mini bun. Anyone eyeball those I would be happy. Would hate to bake 400 of these.

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          Dude, just checked out the slider buns at Stein's Bakery, and noticed that they have two sizes. One size is what I would call bar size, it's about the size that I associate with sliders served in a bar. They also have a smaller size, maybe 2 inches, that struck me as perfect for serving a large amount of appetizers. Stein's products have always been high quality, so you may want to check out these buns. If you do go by Stein's be sure and get at least one "cheese pocket". Stein's is in the SW quadrant at LBJ and Preston.

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            Thank you for that tip. I know Stiens pretty well, haven't been in a long time though. Great food shopping center! Indian, 2 greek places, Chinese with soup dumplings, sushi, a chain bbq, a rockin hamburger joint, Penzey's... even a Chili's to boot.

            I saw that Whole Foods is pushing those buns and preformed fresh patties too. Seemed kind of high for home cooks, may as well step out for those prices.

    2. I love Empire and I believe they make hamburger buns for one of the better burger joints in Dallas (I think Lee Harvey's). Eatzi's also has great buns. They are like some sort of egg dough/challah.

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        You should also check Voila Bakery in Allen. They have amazing baguettes but also have pain au lait rolls for hamburger buns. Jean-Christophe supplies these buns to a lot of restaurants for their burgers.

        1. re: jjerrier2450

          Yep Voila is quality product for sure. The other option would be to go with a foccia roll from La Spiga, they are okay for burgers, but omg killer with grouper.

      2. for my sliders I've just been using those hawaiian mini rolls. They stay extremely soft for a considerable time unlike the fresh breads at CM that turn a nice shade of green if you don't eat them within 96 hrs