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Jul 11, 2009 12:02 PM

Looking for pomegranate seeds

TJ's doesn't have them right now. Any suggestions? Ethnic/Middle Eastern groceries?

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  1. i'd be surprised if you can find them at all. pomegranates are completely out of season right now (and will be until September).

    1. I saw the seeds in plastic containers at Berkeley Bowl, a few weeks ago. They were in the case above the cut melons (at the Old B Bowl).
      I recall being surprised since they are out of season now, as another poster mentioned. Perhaps they come from the Southern Hemisphere.
      I don't recall seeing them on my BB trip last Thursday, but I was not looking for them.

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      1. re: Joel

        the Southern Hemisphere season runs from March-May. however, i just read on the web that India (which actually lies in the Northern Hemisphere), now grows/produces pomegranates year-round. my guess is that the seeds you saw were from India.

      2. Yes, they are definitely out of season here. I need them for a photograph. The fruit can only be imported as seeds from other countries. Tried BB also, no avail.
        Any other sightings would be helpful.