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Jul 11, 2009 11:15 AM

Places to eat near Hanover MD?

I just moved to Hanover, and am looking for places to eat, having exhausted all options around Arundel Mill Blvd. I am looking for:

1. Farmers markets nearby
2. Your favorite restaurants nearby
3. Crab/seafood houses, other than Gunnings (or crab places nearby that would sell less than 6 at a time)
4. Any seafood places other than Jessup.
5. Authentic asian restaurants

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Best Chinese in the area

    Have you tried Maiwand in Arundel Mills Preserves?

    1. Little Spice --Thai near BWI. Sushi King Columbia tries hard, but it's not Sushi Taro. All the good crabs are in Essex and Dundalk. Stay away from G&M, their crabcakes are of icky, pasteurized crabmeat from SE Asia, not SE Chesapeake Bay. Timbuktu will do for a big crabcake in a pinch, nothing else good there.

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      1. ExpresswayPit Beef for a good sammich just of 175
        Pachanga Grill just across the street used to be reasonable.
        Kaufmanns used to be respectable but haven't been in years
        Gunnings had decent crabs and crabcakes its just off Rte 100 (Coca Cola Drive)

        1. Thanks for the recommendation so far. I will be checking all of the above in the coming weeks. Chowsearch, good to hear from you. Any specific list of good crabhouses that I should hit (like the Pollo places?)

          Thanks again.

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            Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn, Schultz's, Costas.
            Gunnings reheats sometimes like you don't like.

            1. re: chowsearch

              Chowsearch, you do know that G&M and Timbuktu are owned by the same people? The crabcakes should be the same at both places.

              1. re: lrebetsky0423

                They were once owned by cousins, who did not get along. They may share a similar high-temp flash cooking method, but Timbuktu says they use all fresh, and G&M does not, which is why they taste flat. G&M was sold to new owners last year. When the Washington Post named them a "Crummy But Good" top choice about eight years ago, it got a DC following, but I think Baltimoreans have a little more experience in enjoying fresh crabmeat.