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Jul 11, 2009 11:01 AM

Looking for your veggie guidance:)

Have a vegetarian coming into town for dinner tonight - early! at 6pm! Dont have too much time and dont have a solution.

Situation is other people want meat so we dont want those strong veggie places like Blossom or Angelica Kitchen where meat eaters must chow on Seitan:(. Need a place that can satisy a burger appetite along with satisfying someone wanting more veggie options than just two salad choices. She doesnt eat fish either. Help!

Any places where veggies and meat eaters are both happy? Could be Asian, Italian - doesnt really matter! Just dont want one side to feel confined by limited choices. This is tough!

Would love to stay above Canal St and below 80th St. Any ideas?:)

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  1. Josie's. There are several branches. Lots to choose from. I've been several times and thought the food was very good, but not spectacular. Should be an easy reservation, also.

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      Thank so much! I had takeout from there a year back or so and loved it. Totally forgot about it. Looking at the menu online now, its literally perfect for a nice dinner out. Completely satisfies both herbivore and carnivore. Owe ya one!

      1. re: mount635

        Happy to help! And I hope you enjoy your dinner.

        1. re: small h

          for the future - as a vegetarian who dines with carnivores, there are literally hundreds of places in between way downtown and way uptown of either italian or asian cuisine that could make everyone happy. it's one of the least tough situations with those generous parameters. try any of your go to places and check out their menus online. i never have a problem with choices.

          1. re: djk

            You are correct, of course. But sometimes - as in the OP's situation - time does not permit a careful and thorough assessment of a variety of options. Sometimes you just need one quick idea. Throw down a brief list of your favorites, for all our future references.