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Jul 11, 2009 10:37 AM

Good bread in St. Louis?

Does anyone know where to find really good bread in St. Louis? Central to DT area. Thanks.

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  1. Companion Bakery in Clayton has good bread. They also sell their bread in Dierberg's supermarkets. Missouri Bakery on "the Hill" has good Italian bread.

    1. Amighetti's Bakery on the Hill. Great sanwiches there too!

      1. Sorry if the answer "St. Louis Bread Company" is too obvious, but it is to this out-of-towner.

        By the way, isn't St. Louis Bread Company the parent of Panera?


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        1. re: SwedePower

          Yup, St. Louis Bread Co. and Panera are exactly the same. It is just called Panera outside the area.

        2. For bread look to the Italians. Its a MUST to visit The Hill for fresh Italian Bread.

          Viviano & Sons Grocers and Amighetti's Bakery are probably your best bet.

          Phil Novara