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Jul 11, 2009 09:06 AM

Korean restaurants asheville to durham chapel hill to charleston?

My family leaves B'ham tomorrow, driving to Asheville, on to Durham, down to Charleston and home. We have a week. Are there any fantastic Korean restaurants in our path? We can be flexible. We went to Korea last summer, and I am a former chef, so we are looking forward to everything the area has to offer. I am choosing restaurants from this board, but I would bump any one for a memorable Korean meal.
Thanks so much.

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  1. In Durham, there are two Korean restaurants, both good: Chosun OK and Vit Goal Tofu. They are both within close proximity to one another. The menu at the former is more extensive, as Vit Goal specializes in Tofu soups and bulgogi, narrowing their offerings....

    Here are some links that may be helpful, though Chosun does not have a website:

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      I really like Vit Goal. There tofu soup is delicious and consistent everytime. Solid scallion and kinchi pancake with friendly service.

    2. Thank you so much! We will hit Chosun OK on Wed. Considering going north to Richmond/Charlottesville. I know there's a big Korean community outside of Washington;
      any advice on these areas also appreciated.

      1. I don't have any specific recommendations, but I saw quite a few Korean restaurants the last time I was in Fayetteville. It's south of I-40, so it would be on your route if you're headed to Charleston.

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          If you go thru/by Fayetteville, there was a great Korean place on Skibo Road (by the mall) called the New Korea House. I left there 10 years ago, but I imagine they're still in business. I haven't found another Korean restaurant in NC or SC that compares.

        2. there is also a korean place on west market in greensboro which is not that far off the highway. I have only had the bibimbap which was quite good and they also give ample panchan

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            I haven't been to Vit Goal, but I have been to Chosun OK several times and I love the food. Favorites for us are the kimchi pancakes, the seafood pancakes, the baby goat soup. In fact, my wife believes that the fiery baby goat soup is the best cure for a number of aliments.
            Vit Goal is definately worth trying tho. There's a Korean grocery next to Vit Goal, too.
            There's also a Korean restaurant in Raleigh on Atlantic Avenue that quite good, but you can't beat the convenience of the two restaurants in Durham 3 minutes off the highway.

            The intersection of Hwy 54 & 55 in Durham is a gold mine of Chowish spots. There's a good tacqueria, a Jamacian spot and a few other things right there. It's well worth exploring. Mad Popper, the Locopops of popcorn, is nearby as well. I love Carolina BBQ flavored popcorn.

          2. In Charleston: Kim's Korean on Sam Rittenberg