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Jul 11, 2009 08:55 AM

best bets at The Indian Kitchen on Yonge near Clark?

What dishes do you enjoy the most?

The Indian Kitchen
7330 Yonge, Thornhill, ON L4J1V8, CA

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    1. Madras Chicken dish or the Tandoori Fish

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      1. re: itzi

        I get there every few months. It's a good mid-range Indian place. Was just there last week, when we ordered - as usual - my go-to dish there, the whole tandoori fish. When done right - that means not overcooked - it's quite good. I've learned to gently remonstrate with them to not overcook or I'll send it back - immediately. That word - "immediately" - seems to work. The kitchen pays extra attention and it comes out perfectly done. They insist it's a whole salmon, though I say it tastes more like rainbow trout (a milder form of salmon). No matter. It's delicious - if it isn't over-tandoori-d to death. Most other dishes tastily done. Usually good service, pleasant room, good space between tables. Good naan, which I'll take over the flavored (garlic, onion) variety on offer. Decent house white wine at reasonable price. Though with Indian food, it's beer every time for me. If the place is on its game, you should enjoy it.

        1. re: juno

          Thanks for your suggestions, itzi & juno. Much appreciated.

          1. re: phoenikia

            the best malai kofta in town, and good black daal

            1. re: chillihigh

              Good to know;) Always looking for some good veg. dishes;)