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Jul 11, 2009 08:23 AM

Where do I go now that LaNell's has closed?

Need elderflower liqueur and other fancy spirits.

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  1. Don't expect good service, but Warehouse Wines and Liquors on Broadway near NYU probably has the largest liquor selection in the city. Astor Place is a close second, but it's about 10% more expensive than Warehouse.

    I do miss LeNell, though. A good stopgap for the loss of her bourbon collection has been Char No. 4 on Smith - while it's not retail, you can pretty much do your own whiskey, whisky, rye, bourbon, and other brown spirit tastings there.

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    1. re: lambretta76

      I LOVE Char No. 4 and yes, you can try a lot of stuff, but you have to be a very wealthy person indeed to drink a lot of really rare stuff there.

    2. When did it close? That is terrible news, but I guess like many retail shops in Red Hook, it's such an inconvenient neighborhood that many could not utilize often. What a shame as that place was a mecca of bourbon and customer service!

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      1. re: Bob Oreilly

        It did not close due to lack of traffic - LeNell detailed it in several emails (and I believe posts to this and other forums). Anyways, the gist was that the landlord wanted the space to open a retail joint of his own - no amount of rent would allow her to stay in that space. She is looking for something nearby to re-open along with a bar, but the intricacies of liquor permits and the dearth of available space in appropriate zoning areas means that the search has been quite difficult. She did threaten to move to Manhattan, I wish she's come over to Livingston in Downtown Brooklyn, which is just as much as a no-man's land (except on Saturdays).

      2. A ton of places now stock St. Germain now that it's become somewhat of a hipster liqueur. What else are you looking for? Seconding Warehouse and Astor Place with the caveat that Warehouse is very cramped and crowded most of the time.

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        1. re: kathryn

          Astor has free delivery to Brooklyn on Saturdays. I order on line and they deliver right to my door.

        2. Heights Chateau has a pretty extensive spirits section these days.

          1. I am told that Mei Chi liquor store on Flatbush nr GAP sells the St. Germaine Elderberry. My daughter was remarking on a tasting of it she had there the other day.

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            1. re: jen kalb

              Try Borisal Liquor & Wine at 486 4th Ave. It’s on corner of 10th St., across from the F station, side entrance. Awhile back the NYT had an article about classic cocktails making a comeback but that it was hard to find certain ingredients. They listed a resource called, and Borisal’s name is on the website.

              I thought they were permanently closed until I noticed their unusual operating hours: approx. 4p-10p. I made it inside for the first time last week and they have a lot of interesting libations, including esoteric liqueurs, wines, whiskey’s etc.

              1. re: rd135

                I looked on their website and visited over the weekend - its quite an unusual operation with a very nice selection of liqueurs, etc.