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Jul 11, 2009 08:10 AM

Restaurants when cruising San Juans, etc

My husband and I are going to be cruising through the San Juans and Vanccouver Island (east side). Was sondering if anyone had any great chow stops along the way, both casual and fine.

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  1. The Front St. Ale House in Friday Harbor has fabulous beer (San Juan Brewing Co) you can't normally get off island. Good pub grub as well.

    Best meal by far we had in the San Juans was at Duck Soup Inn which is basically between Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor on San Juan Island. (You'd need to get a taxi from either marina - I assume you're taking your own boat.)

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      Front St. Ale House in Friday Harbor is darn good. Is Rosario re-opened yet? Also, the Knead and Feed in Coupeville, on Whidbey Island is my all time favorite, but I don't think Whidbey is technically a "San Juan Island". Worth the stop none the less.

    2. Rose's and Inn at Ship Bay on Orcas. Vita's has great upscale take out (there are a few stools to eat in) on Lopez. I've heard good things about the Love Dog Cafe on Lopez but haven't been.

      1. Hi There, and thanks for feedback. Yes, cruising on our little boat but don't want to be a slave to the galley. Has anyone heard anything about the Hastings House on Salt Spring Island? I have heard they have an awesome market there on saturdays but may not be able to get there on the right day.

        1. I returned from the islands yesterday with a few comments. The Hungry Clam in Friday Harbor has good battered fish and chips. Very casual and reasonably priced. Outdoor tables look out over the bay where the ferry docks.

          On Orcas Island, Olga's was very tasty. The scalibut cakes (scallops and halibut) with thai dipping sauce and dungeness crab quesadilla are excellent. The atmosphere and feel of the area are both very good. Our server was very friendly and helpful. Recommended.

          I have to note a not so good experience on Orcas called Bilbo's. The mango margarita was little more than shaved ice - no tequila or mango flavors. The halibut fish tacos were mediocre at best, but definitely not worth the price charged. The server gave the impression that she would rather be elsewhere. On a bright note, the oysters on the half shell and broiled oysters were both tasty. Hindsight being 20/20, I would spend my money somewhere other than Bilbo's.

          Enjoy the San Juans.

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            It's too bad Bilbo's has always had such mediocre food--they have such a nice patio.

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              You're right about the outdoor patio being nice. Some of the reviews on this site and seeing the patio from the street drew me in. The place has potential.