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Jul 11, 2009 04:31 AM

Downtown St Petersburg-where to eat

Just happened to view a real estate video and it looked like there were some nice eats in Downtown St Petersburg. Are there??? Recommendations please. We're adventuresome eaters, so list anything that may seem worthwhile.


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  1. I am not from ther, but when I visit, I LOVE Ted Peter's Famous Smoked Fish on S. Pasadena Ave. It IS an adventure.

    1. Diner 437. It's at 437 Central Ave in downtown St Pete. Excellent, interesting food and reasonable prices.

      I also like Cafe Alma.

      1. Ceviche for awesome tapas and Spanish wine:

        Red Mesa Cantina:

        1. I like Ceviche, too! It has a more casual "little sister" restaurant next door called Pincho y Pincho where my husband and I love to go for a weekend lunch of tapas and cava sangria.

          Gratzzi in Baywalk is lovely and has always been good. Parkshore Grill is nice, too (lots of wines by the glass, and nice cafe seating outdoors overlooking the yacht basin).

          1. Diner 437 is great--affordable and imaginative. Red Mesa Cantina has tasty food and a hip atmosphere, and it's hard to beat Ceviche--great tapas, expresso martinis and live music downstairs. Cafe Alma is very good (love the 2 for 1 all the time at the bar and the good ceviche). I still love the Table on Central for imaginative Atlantic Rim cuisine, chic big city atmosphere, the best short ribs I've ever tasted (and the blackberry caiprahanias are the perfect Florida summer refresher.) For casual lunches, I love sitting outside on the deck of Moon under Water on Beach and enjoying their Moon Cobb salad with a side of spicy curry sauce instead of salad dressing. Don't forget to go next door to Pachigio for the best Mediterranian Sea Salt Caramel gelato for dessert afterwards. There are a lot of terrific places in Downtown St. Pete!