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Jul 11, 2009 04:15 AM

Any Welsh People here?

I am always on the look out for great places to eat in Wales/West so let me know your favourites!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hi, I don't know about Wales but there are lots of places just over the border. The Stagg Inn at Titley, Herefordshire has 1 Michelin star, which it prefers not to mention but, is a great pub with splendid food. Slightly further north in Shropshire you have the Ludlow Ghetto or foodie heaven depending on your viewpoint. With lots of superior restaurants and food suppliers. I should think that's sufficient to explore for a few weeks. Have fun!

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        Hey! Thanks for recommendation - would love a review on The Stagg Inn from you if you're so inclined?

      2. A search will find a number of previous North Wales suggestions.

        1. We really like Jugs Restaurant in Llansantffraid. The recently re-did their dining room from rustic and warm to a sleek leather-clad affair, but the food was still good. Their aged Scotch beef is excellent, as is the pate starter. The owner is on the floor most nights, and he is very friendly and personable in an 'aging rock star' kind of way. We visit Jugs any time we are in Wales.

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            Thanks so much for the recommendation!

          2. If you're going to West Wales, I understand that Tenby is experiencing something of a food renaissance?
            From personal recommendations, I would recommend both Cnapan and Llys Meddyg in Newport Pembrokeshire. (You can also stay at both establishments to avoid waddling out to the car afterwards?)
            Avoid Aberystwyth at all costs.

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              HI there - am welsh, live in london but spend a lot of time in n wales --there's quite a few posts on here re that area if you want to do a search