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Jul 11, 2009 03:48 AM

Another NYC Hot Dog question

Hey all--

Sorry if this has been answered already, I did some searching, but couldnt find the exact answer.

Basically Im looking for a Grey's Papaya-style place for hot dogs in Manhattan that offers all Kosher dogs, not just "Kosher -style." Something cheap, quick and delicious. Preferrably not a deli. Im pretty sure Gray's and Papaya King are not kosher-correct?



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  1. Not being a hot dog connoisseur, I can't help you find kosher dogs, but Gray's and Papaya King are indeed not kosher.

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    1. re: GilaB

      Kosher Delight (46th & 6th) and Kosher Deluxe (37th & Broadway)

    2. Mendy's in Grand Central makes a decent dog - and they have good turnover.

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      1. re: aivri

        Mendy's on 34th near Madison also has good hotdogs, and right now you can get up to 3 for 99 cents each.

      2. no such thing as cheap in manhattan---mendy's on coney is. ave in midwood has a 99cent promotion now.But the kosher franks of yesterday are just a memory, even Ralbag certified hebrew nationals are inferior---and the package is smaller!!!!!I even had Tibor's in Cleveland in 2005 --took them home to brooklyn---they weren't exactly great!!!The only hot dog that i like these days are Aaron's chicken franks.A good substitute for hot dogs are the Israeli turkey sausages,but thay are very very fatty!!!!!

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          Since you have expanded past NYC - come to Chicago and try the hot dogs from Romanian Kosher Sausage - or to the other coast and Jeff's GOurmet Suasage -