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Jul 11, 2009 02:05 AM

Best Omakase, Cooked and Raw Foods

I am hoping of having a omakase dinner consisting a party of 4. I heard that omakase at kaji is the best but it ranges from 80 - $120 which is a little steep. I was planning on going to Zen but i believe they only serve sashmi and sushi omakase, which consists of all raw foods? I was hoping to spend about $60 before taxes. Hopefully someone can recommend something within that price range.

If someone strongly believes that Zen is the place to go but should just do a side order of cooked Food please can you leave some suggestions?

Also, if you strongly believe paying that $80 is worth it please state why, i went to kaji's site but the menu was from 2007 and didnt seem like there was much.

Thanks All!

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  1. Aoyama has a sushi chef and a cook, who does hot dishes such as mackerel.
    $60 is the usual omakase, but it pays to call first to see what is available.

    2766 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto, ON M2J4A8, CA

    1. Solo Sushi Ya is another good option, it falls into your price range and has both cooked and raw dishes.

      1. Agree with both Aoyama and solosushiya. However, having eaten in both places within the past couple of months, I prefer Aoyama over Solo mainly because of better fish/seafood variety in the sashimi/sushi courses. Also, the shari of solo was a bit disappointing! A bit too mushy!

        1. Kaji is worth it. The sushi course is better than Zen's sushi, which is already top-notch for Toronto. The cooked food is very good, and often borders on a sort of French-Japanese fusion that is well-prepared, as the chef has trained in both French and Japanese cuisine.

          Kaji is much better than Aoyama or Solo, both of which don't really have the greatest sushi. Zen would probably be a good idea -- but you'd have to order cooked dishes on the side. I've found Aoyama's shari to be pretty bad overall, and sometimes you get fish that isn't so fresh (I had some pretty raunchy uni there before).

          The only place that rivals Kaji for high-end Japanese is Hashimoto, but it's expensive and it's not the same as an omakase at a sushi joint.

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            speaking of Kaji is there anyway this is accessible by transit, say combo of ttc subway and bus? I'm looking to go there for solo birthday dinner! any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks!

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              To get to Kaji by TTC, take southbound bus from either Royal York or Islington and get off at Queensway. It's between those two streets on the northside of Queensway