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Jul 10, 2009 10:21 PM

La Tour in Vail, CO

Last night my wife splurged and took me to La Tour in Vail for my birthday. They have a "Summer Organic Menu" that kept me in a non-stop "FOODGASM" all evening long. I have a sneaking suspicion that many of their ingredients were also Colorado grown. Kudos to Chef Paul for buying local! Here's what we had... field green salad, Hay Stack Farms toasted goat cheese, pine nuts, dried cranberry, mustard vinaigrette (The local goat cheese was so amazingly creamy and reminded me of what I had while studying in Provence)

Entree...grilled angus beef tenderloin & Grant Family farms organic poached egg, organic spinach, evoo bearnaise, madiera jus (The tenderloin was really good, what really amazed me was the poached egg. It seems that in this day and age most of us haven't had the experience of tasting a really fresh egg straight from the farm. This egg was fresh, rich, and flavorful)

Dessert:...strawberry & lemon curd tart, organic rhurbarb coulis, marscapone mousse, candied lemon ( A perfect finish to our evening! I really liked the rhubarb coulis. It was a perfect balance between sweet and tart and paired nicely with the fruit and mascopone mousse)

All in all we had a great evening and a birthday I will always remember. I almost forgot about the service. Our server was great. She was knowledgeable about all of the dishes and made great wine reccomendations. What impressed me the most was that she seemed to anticipate all of our needs before we even noticed and her delivery was almost ghostlike. Our courses just seemed to appear when we were ready for them and never interrupted our conversations.

If you are looking to go out for a special night in Vail please please try La Tour.

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  1. La Tour can do a really nice job, especially with the beef.

    However, for an even more special meal in Vail, I'd send you to Larkspur for the tasting menu, or, even better, for a night at the chef's table. I believe this is one of the best tables in the country right now, head and shoulders above anything else in Vail.

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      Mnadel - With all due respect, since GreenChileCharlie had a wonderful, memorable meal with excellent food and service to match, what's the point of of writing that he and his wife could have done better elsewhere? It's one thing to make a "head and shoulders above" recommendation when someone is looking for suggestions, but afterwards, what's the point, especially since they were so happy? IMO, there is no monopoly on excellent food and service, especially in a place like Vail where topnotch restaurants abound. So happy belated birthday. GreenChileCharlie, and don't let anyone tarnish the memory of a fine celebration.